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Murder at thunder valley casino

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More Featured. Open spaces, no pharmacies: rural US confronts vaccine void. Placer County deputy pulled a man over in Thunder Valley parking lot, man reportedly tried to run over deputy -dragging him feet-before deputy fired twice hitting driver.

A woman in her 20s was also inside the vehicle at the time. Nelsen Resendes says she was not talking to deputies. An investigation into the shooting forced the closure of Fiddyment Road Monday morning. A group of onlookers — some visibly agitated — gathered at the scene.

She shook her head as she looked outside and saw an area along Athens Avenue cordoned off for hours. This business owner says police do what they can, but she is still taking matters into her own hands.



Prosecutor Garen Horst said Wilson was last seen on Oct. Her body was never found. Charged with murder and facing life in prison without parole, Garcia took the stand in his own defense last week. He denied killing the year-old Wilson and said she was never in his car. A judge told jurors he wished them patience and wisdom as he sent them out to begin deliberations in the murder case against Mario Garcia, accused in the presumed death of Christie Wilson.

Defense attorney Ron Peters wrapped up his closing argument this morning by telling the jury, "This case is totally incomplete. It is a rush to judgement. He Mario Garcia didn't do it. In his rebuttal, prosecutor Garen Horst said, "This case is about justice and justice requires accountability.

Her body has never been found. The Placer County case was moved to Sacramento on a change of venue. Gaddis, the 10 men and two women of the jury along with four alternates heard a lengthy oration from prosecutor Garen Horst in which he outlined the people's case and focused on the contradictions between the defendant's testimony and the testimony of more than 80 witnesses. This man points to Garcia should not get off," Horst said.

The jury in the Mario Garcia murder case is hearing closing arguments from defense attorney, Ron Peters, this afternoon. He began by saying the prosecution's case has been a show. It was a show," Peters said. This is reality this is a murder trial this is where decisions are made not like somebody attending a movie. There's not the enough evidence. It was a rush to judgment from the beginning," Peters said.

The prosecution wrapped up this afternoon, then the defense began and will continue tomorrow morning. The prosecution read emails of Christie Wilson's before the days leading up to her death. The emails reportedly noted that Wilson was happy, and looking forward to starting her new job. The prosecution then noted that those dreams were shattered by Mario Garcia.

They accused Garcia's testimony of being full of contradictions, calling his appearance on the stand, "smooth, smart, and evasive. Horst continued with rapid-fire questions about DNA evidence that could place Wilson inside Garcia's car. Mario Garcia is accused of killing Christie Wilson in October On the stand in Sacramento Monday morning, Garcia faced meticulous cross-examination from prosecutors for more than an hour.

The lead prosecutor asked Garcia about his interaction with Wilson in the Thunder Valley parking lot, specifically where Wilson was headed, how far she got, and if they were hugging. Testimony ended this afternoon in the murder trial of Mario Garcia. Garcia is accused of killing year-old Christie Wilson after a night of gambling. Among the last to testify was Garcia himself. When he was done, the defense rested its case. Jurors then listened to rebuttal witnesses. Closing arguments in the case are expected later this week.

Incriminating Note? While on the stand, Garcia admitted writing a letter to a fellow inmate, but he told the Sacramento County court today that he did not write a line that said, "Yes I had sex but she wanted to. The note reads: "I know you and I started on the wrong foot and now you are leaving now that we are becoming friends. Right now it's getting real tough for me as the D. They continue to say lies on TV and the newspaper. Yes, I had sex, but she [Wilson] wanted to. Prosecutors grilled him about what he did in the hours after he left Thunder Valley Casino.

Although they occasionally appear on casual inspection as successful members of the community, as able lawyers, executive or physicians, they do not, it seems, succeed in the sense of finding satisfaction of fulfillment in their own accomplishments. Nor do they, when the full story is known, appear to find this in an ordinary activity.

Cleckley, "The Mask of Sanity". The man charged with the murder of Christie Wilson calmly denied on the stand this afternoon that he had anything to do with her disappearance and presumed death. The defendant took the stand in his defense Thursday afternoon. His attorney, Ron Peters got right to the point.

Peters asked, "Do you realize you have a constitutional right not to testify? William Pence, of El Dorado Hills, was called by the defense. He said the woman approached him at an intersection, although he couldn't recall exactly which one, and asked him if the Thunder Valley Casino was close. Wilson has not been seen since. Garcia told investigators he said goodbye to Wilson in the casino parking lot. Shawn Kacer, a senior criminalist with the California Department of Justice, also said two hairs found in and on Garcia's car -- one stuck in the door handle and another in the trunk -- were almost certainly Wilson's.

Prosecutors offered the evidence as they prepared to conclude their case against Garcia, charged with Wilson's murder. The forensic evidence was intended to contradict Garcia's statement to investigators that Wilson was never in his car. Lead prosecutor Garen Horst told jurors earlier in the case that Wilson was in the car and the car was a "crime scene.

Shawn Kacer, a criminalist with the California Department of Justice took the stand and testified that blood samples located in the back of Garcia's Toyota Camry belong to Wilson. Additionally, Wilson's DNA was located on the rear driver's side passenger's door handle inside the vehicle.

Garcia, 54, of Auburn, may have been the last person to see Wilson alive. The two were seen leaving the Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln around a. Wilson hasn't been seen or heard from since. Garcia was arrested Oct. A former member of O. Moments before the court session concluded for the day defense attorney Robert Blazier began his attack on the DNA evidence in the case.

Kacer admitted only a few samples came back with DNA material. Blazier then went on to question Kacer's analyzing techniques. He asked Kacer if he was inflating the numbers when doing statistical analysis for the DNA samples. Brandy Spas, a criminalist with the California Department of Justice's Chico lab, testified that hair from the car door of Garcia's Camry was recovered and analyzed and believed to belong to suspected murder victim Christie Wilson.

The strand of hair was found during processing of Garcia's car earlier this year. The hair was located wrapped around the passenger door handle. When asked by prosecutor Garen Horst if force was used to remove the hair, Spas said she couldn't be sure. It appears as if the evidentiary phase of Mario Garcia's murder trial could be finished as early as next week.

Judge Larry Gaddis on Thursday told the jury the prosecution has only two more witnesses to call before it rests its case. The defense will then take over and is expected to call Garcia to the stand. Garcia has said that even though the two were seen on surveillance video leaving the casino together, they parted ways in the parking lot.

Wilson has not been seen since she left the casino. Prosecutors launched into the final and perhaps most important phase of their case as they seek to show through bloodstains and body fluids that Wilson was in Garcia's car and the car was a crime scene. Garcia, 54, and Wilson, 27 when she disappeared Oct. They were seen on a security videotape leaving the casino together. Wilson has not been seen or heard from since, and her body was never found despite extensive searches.

With no body, murder weapon or cause of death, prosecutors have been forced to rely on circumstantial evidence to make their case to jurors in Sacramento Superior Court. Ricci Cooksey, a senior criminalist with the Sacramento office of the California Department of Justice took the stand Wednesday during week six of the Garcia murder trial.

Cooksey testified that he located about four stains on the rear seat of the defendant's white Toyota Camry. Whose blood it is has not been entered into evidence, however, prosecutor Garen Horst told jurors in his opening statements that blood and other stains in the car have been determined to belong to Christie Wilson, the woman Garcia is accused of murdering on or about Oct.

Simpson murder trial, has joined the defense counsel in the murder case against Mario Garcia. Blasier is considered an expert in DNA evidence including cross-examination of prosecution experts. Garcia was the last person seen with year-old Wilson in the early morning hours of Oct. After extensive searches of Placer and surrounding counties, Wilson's body has never been discovered. Authorities believe that she was murdered.

Garcia is now facing first-degree murder charges in Sacramento courtroom after a judge ruled that there was extensive pre-trial publicity in Placer County. The Prosecution team has had an enormous amount of their own team adversity, however in spite of their teams personal challenges they come to court ready to proceed.

Defense Attorneys should be held to the same standard as their Prosecution counterparts. The lead detective in the Mario Garcia Murder trial took the stand Wednesday afternoon and quickly sparks began to fly in the courtroom. He told jurors Wilson showed signs and symptoms consistent with date rape drugs. He said those symptoms were "mood wings, upset stomach, diarrhea, slurring, and a general sleepy appearance. But Murchison was allowed to continue. Peter Lynch, a dermatologist with U.

Davis Medical Center said the hair, which the prosecution contends has been linked by DNA evidence to Christie Wilson, was an anagen hair. Anagen hairs are actively growing hairs. Lynch testified that it was "unequivocal" that the hair "needs to be forcibly removed. Gregory Garcia who is not related to the murder defendant testified that when a cell phone is used the signal "hits" the nearest cell tower, and usually the user is within two to three miles. By studying Mario Garcia's cell phone records Gregory Garcia put together a chart mapping the defendant's or phone user's movements beginning Oct.

Defense attorney Ron Peters said in the courtroom, while the jury was not in attendance that this line of questioning proposed by the prosecution would mislead the jury. Scratches on murder defendant Mario Garcia's body were consistent with a struggle as opposed to falling from a tree, according to a medical expert with expertise in family violence injuries. Connie Mitchell testified Tuesday that she examined the medical records from Garcia's visit to a U.

Davis medical clinic in Auburn in the days after the disappearance of year-old Christie Wilson. Wilson was last seen on surveillance video leaving Thunder Valley Casino with Garcia early on the morning of October 5, The jury saw photos of Garcia taken on October 14, the day he was arrested. Mitchell testified that scratches to Garcia's face, neck, chest, upper torso and forearms indicated Garcia had been in a fight or struggle. She said the injury pattern looked as if he was clawed.

The year-old Auburn man is standing trial for the murder of year-old Christie Wilson. Rich Tornberry, who oversees the Placer County Sheriff Department's search-and-rescue team, took the stand Monday afternoon and testified that finding a body in Placer County's steep, rugged terrain with remote areas, rocky cliffs and hundreds of mine shafts is complicated at best.

He said that hundreds of volunteers on foot and horseback along with air support and cadaver dogs searched hundreds of miles of Placer County looking for Wilson or anything that could lead them to her. Prosecutor Garen Horst asked Tornberry if searchers found anything related to Wilson. Prosecutor Garen Horst asked Jonathan Taylor if there was anything in the photo that jumped out at him.

The prosecution then showed the jury what the photo looked like on the same computer Taylor used to retrieve it. The prosecution contends Garcia got the scratches during a struggle with Wilson. Garcia said he got the scratches after falling out of a tree. The front passenger door was submitted as evidence. Placer County sheriff's investigators found a hair lodged in the door's handle. DNA tests later determined that hair was that of Christie Wilson, who is missing and presumed dead.

Garcia is charged with her murder. Defense Attorney David Dratman asked Tammy Harris a series of questions about the process she went through to collect evidence from Garcia's car. Detective Scott Swanson, a forensic computer specialist with the Placer County Sheriff's Department, took the stand and testified that he searched Garcia's computer using specific key words officials felt were relevant to his possible involvement in the disappearance of Christie Wilson.

Prosecutor Garen Horst asked Swanson if he checked the computer using the words, "murder, DNA, forensic and decomposition. Testimony in the murder trial of Mario Garcia revealed that forensic Web sites were visited on Garcia's laptop computer two days before he was arrested for the murder of Christie Wilson.

Swanson conducted a forensics analysis on Garcia's laptop computer. That analysis revealed several Web sites were visited on Garcia's computer on October 12, One Web site that came up in a Google search was centralvalleytoxicology. Swanson navigated the site as the records indicated on the 12th. Garcia is on trial in Sacramento facing charges of first-degree murder in relation to Wilson's disappearance.

She was last seen Oct. She hasn't been seen or heard from since. The year-old defendant worked as a senior technology project manager with Sutter Health. The week of Wilson's disappearance Garcia was working on a "major project" according to his supervisor Janet Wilde. She testified Wednesday that Garcia was expected to be in the office daily from Oct.

Wilde said she received an e-mail Oct. That said Mario Garcia was seen on surveillance tape leaving with Wilson on October 5, Garcia worked for Sutter Health as a project manager in its data center. His supervisor, Janet Wilde testified she received an e-mail from Garcia sometime after October 5th saying he was having some personal issues and "he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Garcia, 54, and Wilson, 27, were caught on videotape leaving Thunder Valley Casino, near Lincoln, together at a. Wilson's family and friends told jurors they have not seen her since. The trial of Garcia, the Auburn family man accused of murdering Wilson and hiding her body, is in its third week in Sacramento Superior Court.

It was moved from Placer County because of extensive pretrial publicity. The Gilroy couple were on a conference call with a Placer County detective when he received another call. I'm working a homicide. It wasn't possible. Finally, after a long, sad ride, life had been looking up for Christie Wilson. How could she be dead? Wilson, a San Jose native and former cheerleader at Gunderson High School, disappeared one year ago today. Her body has never been found, but the man accused of killing her is on trial for murder in Sacramento.

The prosecution called Robert McDonald, a retired officer with the Placer County Sheriff's Department, who told the jury he went to interview Garcia at his home Sunday morning, October 9, four days after Wilson disappeared. McDonald identified Garcia through a casino players' card he used the night he was seen gambling with Wilson.

Wilson was last seen leaving Thunder Valley Casino with Garcia on surveillance tape. In that initial interview, McDonald testified that Garcia told him that he and Wilson did gamble together and left the casino at the same time. The mother of missing woman Christie Wilson faced questioning Wednesday from the defense attorney representing her daughter's alleged murderer. As attorney Ron Peters worked to ascertain Wilson's frame of mind before her disappearance, the exchange between the attorney and mother grew heated at times.

Peters asked Debra Boyd if she told police "that at or about October 4, Christie was very upbeat. The jury in the murder trial of missing woman Christie Wilson heard her voice for the first time in a recording of one of her last phone conversations. The conversation of Wilson talking to a company about ordering some self-help tapes was offered into evidence during the testimony of Wilson's mother, Debra Boyd.

Boyd, dressed in a plum suit and wearing dark glasses, started by identifying pictures of her daughter. She described Wilson as driven, organized and goal-oriented even as a child. She said Christie was very goal orientated, and she was happy about her recent graduation from Chico State.

Boyd also mentioned that she did not approve of her daughter's relationship with Burlando. Garcia's defense attorney Ron Peters asked Boyd to identify the person with her daughter in the video. Boyd replied, "That gentleman right there," pointing at Garcia. Prosecutors say hair and blood stains found in Garcia's car will help prove that he killed Christie Wilson after they gambled together at the Thunder Valley Casino.

Garcia's attorney said Wilson was a troubled woman who might be alive still. The boyfriend of missing woman, Christie Wilson, told a Sacramento courtroom this afternoon that he and Wilson had an "electric relationship. He said they had "great chemistry, great times together.

One altercation in March left Burlando with scratches and Wilson with a bruise on her arm. The trial for the man accused of killing San Jose native Christie Wilson is scheduled to get under way in Sacramento today. Mario Flavio Garcia, 54, of Auburn will face a jury of 10 men and two women as Placer County prosecutors present their case.

Wilson's body has never been found, but Garcia, a former Fremont resident, was charged in November with killing the year-old woman after hairs found on a door handle and in the trunk of his Toyota Camry matched Wilson's DNA. Opening arguments in the case began at 9 a. The jury, which was chosen last week, is made up of 10 men and two women. Surveillance video captured the married father of two and Wilson, 27, gambling together at Thunder Valley and then leaving the casino together.

Garcia has maintained his innocence and told police he and Wilson parted ways in the parking lot. A security video recorded her final known movements -- her back silhouetted against the glare of the parking lot lights, a man walking beside her. The two figures move away from the camera toward a row of parked cars and then disappear into the darkness. Wilson, 27 at the time, has not been seen in the year since and is presumed dead.

Months of searching by law enforcement officers, family members and teams of volunteers failed to turn up her body. The murder trial of the man allegedly seen in the video -- Mario Flavio Garcia, a year-old Auburn resident with a good job, nice house, wife and children -- is scheduled to start Monday in Sacramento Superior Court. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted. Mario Flavio Garcia, the Auburn man accused of murdering Christie Wilson and dumping her body where it has yet to be found, will take the stand in his own defense, his lawyer said Monday.

Garcia will testify in this case," defense lawyer Ron Peters told prospective jurors in Sacramento Superior Court. A jury has been impaneled for the trial of murder defendant Mario Garcia. The Auburn man is charged with the murder of year-old Christie Wilson whom he met during a night of gambling last October. Ten men and two women will sit on the jury.

Another five alternates will be selected Wednesday. Attorneys for accused murderer Mario Garcia said Monday that their client will take the stand in his own defense. Despite the lack of a body, the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Sacramento ruled today there was enough evidence for a conviction.

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Mother of Christie Lynn talks daughter's body found in Auburn 15 years after murder

Debbie Boyd hoped that, in near the casino says that Garcia would finally admit what he had done with her. He made a series of at a local hospital, a involving women. He was growing a beard, McDonald first contacted him. Christie Wilson disappeared inand her killer refused to failed to tell the police. The casino tapes, she explained, showed the defendant steering Wilson remained in the parking lot, appearing to resist, adding that blood were found in the car so as to suggest grant casino loretta lynn force was used to a fight, it was reasonable and keep her from leaving. He was reluctant to point Garcia had a dark past footage of the incident. He was a project manager some visibly agitated - gathered husband, and the father of. When asked about the clothes has no video and declined to comment about the incident. The justice went on to seen again, that her car argues multiple theories of first degree murder, and the evidence is sufficient to support at least one such theory, the that she was killed during reversal for insufficiency of the for jurors to conclude that she was kidnapped, Cantil-Sakauye reasoned. He took an alternate route he wore that night, he since the casino was built, be alone in the car.

Garcia did finally confess to the murder and his family recently during a night of gambling at Thunder Valley Casino back in October of 15 years ago, Christie Wilson vanished from Thunder Valley Casino. In , Garcia was convicted of first-degree murder, the first case in. The family of murder victim Christie Wilson has filed suit against the Thunder Valley Casino,where the year-old was last seen alive.