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Epiphone casino pickguard replacement


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While many manufacturers may make a similar model instrument, this does not mean each pickguard of this type is interchangeable. If you are unsure about your material selection please Request A Material Sample before finalizing your order. Please Note: All pickguards are made-to-order and all purchases are processed in the order they are received. Due to order volume and the handcrafted nature of these products it may take up to 5 business days to process your pickguard order. Choosing an expedited shipping method at checkout will not expedite the processing of your order, only its time in transit.

Please Note: Main pickguard image is a graphical representation of the pickguard you will receive and is not a photograph. Pickguard material swatch showing beveled edge and screw hole is a genuine photograph of the material used and is much more accurate in appearance to the pickguard you will receive.

I don't own a Casino yet but hope to soon probably the Elitest version. At least for my part it's pure cosmetic. Some guitars just look better without pickguard, or the pickguard doesn't match the rest of the guitar.

Removed the plain white pickguard from my Riviera, because it doesn't match the candy apple red finish, creme bindings and black pickup frames at all. Left the black pickguard on the ES though. Removed the pickguard from the Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, because the plain white inner plies and the overall plastic look don't match the Customs creme bindings and black finish.

But left the single ply creme pickguard on the Les Paul Standard, as it matches the creme pickup frames and creme binding. When finger picking I have the thumb on the upper edge of the pickup frame or the E or A strings, so having a pickguard or not doesn't make a difference. I removed mine because I thought it'd be alot more comfortable for my strumming hand and it is, IMO Plus it doesn't hurt that Lennon had his pickguard removed and I wanted mine to look more like it.

I'd say it depends on you. There is no harm in removing it. But it might get scratched or damaged easier without. I'd say the majority does it to get a Lennon-look. I personally wouldn't do it, as I like pickguards aesthetically and I consider them useful for what they are. Man, you must've gotten lucky - the cream colored guard on my LP is so off from the pup surrounds,binding,switch ring that it looks white - that was one of a few reasons why I removed mine from the LP.

It's funny, because if I put it against a white surface, it looks quite cream colored, but against the rest of the LP stuff, it looks refirgerator white!!! I like them, I think they improve the looks of most guitars, and they do protect the finish from pick scratches. However, the white pickguard on the light Casino is not to my tastes.

I like the white PG on the cherry Casino though. So I removed the white PG and replaced it with a black one. I also replaced the knobs and I think it looks much better that way. I can't see where removing the pickguard should do anything to the tone of the guitar, so if you like it off better, why not?

If you don't, leave it on. And if you want a different color. Change it. I went round a dozen music shops today and finally found an Elitist Casino. The shop was pretty busy at the time so I'll go back and try one out for myself another day soon. I was wondering about whether the pickguard might affect fingerpicking as I have only one other guitar with one and I feel that it would be easier to fingerpick on it without it.

Since the pickguard's quite close to the strings on it, I find sometimes in fingerpicking the tip of the nail will hit the pickguard and produce an unwanted resonating clicking noise. Admittedly this is my electric sitar guitar, but it's basically a guitar! I've been mainly fingerpicking the last few years so I'm sure I'd like to do so on my prospective Casino sometimes.

According to Wikipedia: "After Sgt. I'm sure he used lots of guitars, but he's using his stripped Casino in the White Album era "Revolution" video and in the rooftop concert in so he presumably recorded with it too. I was thinking more along the lines of the fingerpicking he did on Dear Prudence and Julia I like the ideal i was given the choice to put it on or not.

So far, I have left it off. I am more of a cosmetic prone decision maker. My strumming makes no contact with the pick guard i have on my guitars, and i really hate hinding a beautiful burst behind a pick guard!!!!!! I don't know the sound of the Casino well enough yet to be able to pick it out with any certainty.

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These standard model WD® Custom Pickguards for the Epiphone® Casino® can WD replacement parts are made by or for WD Music Products, Inc. and are. I installled a black 5 ply pickguard and a new bracket on my Casino, or replacement pick guard that fits including (preferably) period correct. gor.wangwang999.com › Universal-Guitar-Pickguard-Epiphone-tortoise.