sim taxi 2 game fog
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Sim taxi 2 game fog

If you like this game, you might enjoy Mega Miner , Penguin Diner , and the other free time management games on this site. To start playing this Sim Taxi game, click the Play Game button on the main screen of the game. Then click either the New Game button to start a new game, or click the Load Game button to resume a previously saved game.

The goal of Sim Taxi is to become a successful taxi driver. By delivering your customers to their destinations, you earn money. You can use this money to upgrade your taxi with a better engine, better tires, and other enhancements.

You start the game with a basic taxi and no money. To become an excellent taxi driver, you need to memorize the city streets. There is no map! You also need to drive carefully. Accidents and traffic tickets will slow you down and cost you money. But there are many looping and dead-end streets, so it pays to learn your way around. That's the memory improvement part of the game. The longer you take to deliver your fare to his or her destination, the smaller your payment.

So, like real taxi drivers, aim to drive carefully but quickly to your destinations. Use the Arrow keys to drive the taxi. To accelerate the car, hold down the Up arrow key. To brake, hold down the Down arrow key. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to turn the taxi while driving. To turn the taxi radio on or off, press the R key. You can adjust the volume of the taxi radio by press the right or left arrow bracket keys.

To change the radio station, press 1, 2, or 3. As in real life, in this Sim Taxi game you must first locate passengers. Find passengers, drop them off at their destinations, collect the fare. Rinse and repeat.

Then, when you've saved up some cash, upgrade your taxi. Your dispatcher calls you when he has a fare for you to pick up. He'll give you the location of the customer, so all you need to do is go to that location and pick them up. Driving Around. The second way is to simply drive around. Pedestrians can be seen on sidewalks throughout the city, and some of them need a taxi. A green pulsing oval appears around the people who are trying to hail your cab.

To pick up a passenger, pull your taxi to a stop as close to them as you can. If you accidentally drive a little bit past them, the won't get in the taxi and you'll have to look for someone else. As you play Sim Taxi, you may occasionally damage your taxi by crashing into other cars or objects. To repair the damage to your cab, you need to enter your Garage.

The garage is located just outside the taxi company office. To enter your garage, park your taxi on top of the wrench icon, then press the Spacebar. Once in the garage, you'll see a Condition bar that displays whether your taxi has any damage. You'll also see options to repair your car or upgrade your car. Obviously you should try to avoid damaging your taxi. Otherwise you'll have to pay for repairs with the money you've earned.

A cool feature of this Sim Taxi game is that you can upgrade your cab to improve its look and performance. Add a spoiler, upgrade your tire or engine, and so on. To upgrade your taxi, first enter the garage, then click the Upgrade Taxi button.

The engine options are the first option to display on the screen, but you can scroll through the others by clicking the right and left arrow buttons above the options. To view the details of an option, click on the option. For example, when you click one of the engine options, you'll see specs for that engine including acceleration and maximum speed.

To purchase the upgrade, click the Buy? You'll only be able to buy the upgrade if there is enough money in your account. Each level of upgrade is progressively more expensive, so you need to keep earning money if you want to upgrade your taxi all the way. When you first play Sim Taxi, you probably won't do very well. At least I didn't. I was always driving into other cars, getting traffic violations, and just plain getting lost in the city. So before you play the regular Sim Taxi game, try Practice Mode.

Dont worry if you dont know the locations, theres a compass on the top left to guide you. There is a fuel and damage indicator on the bottom left and right of your screen. Check up on them periodically to avoid losing the game. Fill up on fuel, repair the taxi, upgrade your engines and enjoy the ride.. Enjoyable, but riddled with glitches. This is one of the more mature Taxi simulators out there, but this wasn't the case with the horrendous sequels that this game got.

Sim Taxi is a awssom Sandbox game where you drive around and pick up people and drop them of. The missions are straight. Go from point A to point B. But the game is and recomanded for peopel that hate time trials. Avoid the police and drive carefuly. Author have done a great work. The radio stations are great. Sim Taxi Share Collapse. Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying this content indefinitely.

Launch in Newgrounds Player. Author Comments. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Sort By: Date Score. All in all, you should play this game. Not bad [insert Obama face]. I like this. Its kinda fun.


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Search results for SIM TAXI. These results include Crazy Taxi Game Off Road Taxi Simulator, Helicopter Taxi Tourist Transport, City Taxi Driver Sim, Uber Taxi​. Sim Taxi is one of the most played online games, you become a sim taxi driver and enjoy delivering passengers to their destination. Product description. --Game Requires Flash Player-- Another day in the big city.. from a taxi Developer info. · · More apps by this developer out of 5 stars. 3 out of 5. 2 global ratings.