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Fatigue System. Tools that help you in the field. This is one of my all time favorite games, due to it's high level of realism, it focuses on infantry combat mainly, but there is also ground vehicles, helicopters, planes, and more. Sure, the game has training missions, but even they, are sometimes confusing, so i hope this guide helps.

EXIT Exits your game. The most important thing you should complete is Basic Training. When you start, you will see the map, just press continue, and once you are in game, you should see this. Then come back to Miles, and he will give you a list of choices you can do, start off with the obstacle course, select obstacale course, and head on over to where the yellow marker is at, and you should see this.

When he tells you to start, quickly run arround the maze, climb through the bridge, walk over the obstacle upfront, and then prone under the wire, once you reach the barrel, quickly stand up, and run back to Miles. Miles will contact you again, asking what do you want to do, select Firing range, head on over to where the yellow marker is pointing, and you'll find Sykes, he will tell you what to do. Once you've picked up the weapon, free-fire the gun down the targets downrange, once you are done, you will enter marksmanship training, where you need to hit the target's that pop up once.

Once you have done that, he will tell you to try out the sidearm, freeshooting only, no point's, so just try it out, and that should be complete. Again, Miles will contact you, choose first aid, and head on over to where the waypoint leads you, and you should see this. Do as the guy says, carry the injured man to the marked location, and heal him as he tells you to. Once Miles contacts you, select driving course, get in the humvee, and drive to Shaftoe.

Once you arrive, shaftoe will give you 2 options: Anti tank Training MOUT Do anti tank first, you'll need to destroy 3 targets, do as he say's, should take only a couple of seconds Once you are done with that, select MOUT, this is where you will go into a quick live combat mission, to practice what you have learned, how you complete the MOUT, is tottaly up to you, your objective is to get in there, and kill all the enemies, how you do it, where you approach from, is tottaly up to you.

Once you have completed the training, you have learned the very basics of the game, i suggest you do some other training missions as well, and also try out these scenarios: Trail by fire. Doing those quick scenarios, will get you used to the game, be warned, they are the easiest scenarios, yet they may be hard at first, even i die qutie a bit, so try to be cautious, and get a feel for how ArmA's combat is like, also, don't do Eye for Eye scenario if you did not completed Team training.

Once you have completed that, it is tottaly up to you how you will play a game. Will you complete the campaign? Will you try to use the editor? Maybe beat all the scenarios? Try some multiplayer? Join a realism clan? The choices are up to you, from this point, it is tottaly up to you, how you will continue playing the game, the guide will keep talking on more stuff that will help you in the field, and more, i strongly suggest you try a few campaign missions as well before entering multiplayer.

Arma 2 has quite a few controlls, and most of them are important, here are the ones you should try to remember. The action menu, is something you will use a lot, for actions such as: Getting into cars. Opening Doors. Opening crates Looting bodies. Ordering your team arround. To open your action menu, move your mousewheel or press you middle mouse wheel or press enter, once you open it, move your middle mouse wheel up and down to select your option, then PRESS the middle mouse wheel, or press enter, to confirm it, here is an example: I want to get in a car as driver.

I go next to the door, i move my middle mousewheel, i scroll up untill it says - Get in car as driver - And then i confirm it by pressing the middle mousewheel or enter. Gear Menu. If you press G, you will see something like this: Now, lets narrow it down a bit, since it may be confusing for some people. Stanag mags. Now, you can probably see the soldier as the background picture. On very top left and top right are 2 big slots, those, are for you to put Night vision, and binoculors there, so as you can see, i have Nightvision, but i dont have binoculors.

Below that, you can see my weapon, that indicates, what are you carrying as your primary weapon. And to the right of primary and secondary weapon screen, you can see 12 slot's avaible. There you can put 12 items that you want, mags, grenades, smoke grenades, you name it, so remember, you can only have max 12 mag's for example, but then you can't carry any grenades, you need to organize your inventory really nicely.

Now, below the secondary weapon slot, is your pistol slot, you can store a pistol there. So that, is how your basic inventory look's like, but let's look at it after we've opened an ammo crate. To open a weapon crate, you use your action menu, come up to it, move your middle mouse wheel, and press gear. There is 4 M4A1's in the crate.

There is 3 MP5A5's and you have one. Fatigue in ArmA is very important, by most people ignore it, or don't even realise it is there, but in most cases it can mean life or death. Fatigue is like it is in real life, if you are calm, and not out of breath, you can focus, and do your duties, but if you run for a long time and fatigue yourself, you'll be tired, you will have a harder time focusing, stuff might be blurry, your accuracy will decrease, and so on, same goes for ArmA.

You loose Fatigue by running, getting shot at, and getting wounded. When you're fatigued, not only is everything blurry, but your aim becomes very bad as well, here are 2 pictures to show that. Not-Fatigued Fatigued These examples you saw is me being fatigued from running - That can easily be fixed by standing still, but it's much quicker if you crouch, go prone, or even sit down. Next way to get fatigued is to be shot at otherwise as others call it "Being Supressed" Most games try to simulate supressivness by blurrying out your vision, or something like that, whilst ArmA tries to do it a bit more realistic, it fatigues you Simulating you being scared , making you aim very bad, whilst in real life you'd obviously be scared and you'd be moving your weapon a little, this also, can be fixed by standing still, laying prone, crouching, sitting down, also take note supression works against A.

I as well, so let them have it :D Last way to get fatigued, is to get injured, that is when you're obviously in pain, you're having a very hard time aiming, but it can get even worse if you run more, or get shot at, to fix this, you need to be healed, and then again, remain still. The Compass. Compass, is one of the most crucial parts of navigation, besides the map, but sometimes, it can be even more important then the map itself.

You can use the compass, to find out where are you, where to go, where the enemies are, or to even report them in multiplayer, here's an example: My leader just said, Enemy, north-east, meter's, so i quickly open up my compass, and look North-east, and i know there is an enemy there. The watch. It also helps to co-ordinate assaults in multiplayer or with A. I, for instance, you want someone to attack a city, at a specific time, you have 3 team's, and it is right now, but you want everyone to attack when it's The map.

The map, is probably the most important navigation tool, but it serves more than that. In the map you can: Check the map for locations, where to go, use it for navigation's. Read Notes about the mission. Check what units are doing what. These are nice to have, but not crucial, unless you're the leader of the squad.

Night vision goggles obviously help you see in the dark, and are really handfull in night-time mission's. On a side note, after you put on your night vision, it will take a few second's before you can see, because your eye's need to adjust, same for taking them off, you'll see pitch black for about 10 second's, your character eye's need to adjust.

I'm sure that if you haven't already, you will, sooner or later, get lost in the field. This section will help you navigate in the field. Now, if you're playing on the easiest difficulties, you wont get lost, as you can see where you are on your map like this: But if you're playing on harder difficulties, you won't see yourself on the map, and that might complicate things.

Now to avoid being lost, make sure you read the briefing of the mission if there is one, look on the map before starting, where will you start, and where will you go, try to find some landmarks that you will keep an eye out so you would know that you're heading the right direction, and if you get lost for instance, if i find on the map that there is a huge mountain, and i get lost, but i can find that mountain, i'l know my aproximete location.

So lets say, i am lost, i found out my general location, and i need to get somewhere. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Thread starter [-project. Please make sure you are familiar with the forum rules. We've added explanations for why and how Tripwire processes customer data and the types of data that we process, as well as information about your data protection rights. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 25 of 29 Go to page. Sep 28, 24 0. ARMA 2 is much more realistic in these aspects Please tripwire do something about that! Yes these bastards just stole the RO2 FPScover system, added some features to it and they think they are the best.!

TWI should have patented that! Oct 21, 1, 0 Australia. Ordinary soldier said:. Dec 3, 1, 1, 0 Europe www. Aug 25, 3 0 40 paris. The first fps game i played with a cover system was Rainbow six Vegas arcade game of Not sure they invented it , there were probably other games with a cover system before that i'm unaware of. It was third person cover system though , not first person if i remember well. Feb 13, 2, 0 Hamilton, ON.

I think the first major action game with a cover system was Killswitch back in So how are the singleplayer campaigns? Are the missions fun; is the writing good; is it semi-believeable? Last edited: May 27, Mar 16, 9, 0 55 Newton, NJ. Bluehawk said:. Nestor Makhno said:. I just tried it - the SP campaign is far and away the worst thing I have ever seen. My rage-o-meter went thru the roof. Other than that, it's Arma 2. Would be nice to play MP I guess.

May 5, 3, 0. I'd like a more detailed explanation than that. Here in this campaign , it is asked of the player many different things PAK gunner , driver in light vehicle , anti tank soldier , platoon leader , spotter and rifleman in the same mission and he has to be efficient cause the AI teammates are often clueless.

Reactions: Bluehawk. Well that's kind of what I expected. I'm sure it'll be more enjoyable for me personally than Arma 2's campaign simply by virtue of the fact there won't be any counter-insurrgency type drive-all-over-the-country-talking-to-civilians scenarios or build-a-base-like-an-RTS-and-conquer-the-entire-country scenarios.

Last edited: May 28, Oldih Glorious IS-2 Comrade. Nov 22, 3, 0 Finland. Sep 26, 28 0 Scotland akabattlegrounds. After the RO2 patch over the weekend, I will now be playing infantry again in classic mode. The tanks in RO2 are just not satisfying at all however.

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I guess the biggest size allowed would be around xkm, but with only a cellsize of meters (very bad, is a game standard). › sharedfiles › filedetails. Arma 2 is a complex game, and it is not always easy to learn, as the game is my favorite part of the game, and where i spend all my arma 2 time on, My leader just said, Enemy, north-east, meter's, so i quickly open up.