the torture game 2 666 games
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The torture game 2 666 games

Use the arrow-keys to avoid the blades. Tommy Gun The early 20's mob favourite tommygun stars in the cartoon shooter. Back in the old days in a US city you have to kill off the mob with t Naked Woman - Steep Hill This is the reason why women shouldnt always drive a bike, just see what can happen if they do! Hyper Square Like in Saw you wake up in some room and need to find your way out without dying.

Pico of the Dark Ages Another Pico game, hack and slash through a world of morons, great soundtrack and a long game! Quiz of the Living Dead A quiz about zombie movies. Mindless Violence Kill the green fluffy things coming at you, or theyll bite you, wooooo, scary. The transformation from good to evil is nicely done. Cat-a-pult Try to hit the cats through the doors and windows to get credits, or smash their heads against the wall if you want to!

This is Madness Another addition to the Madness-games. A platform and shooter, characters are a bit small. Defeat room after room of enemies! Ninjotic Mayhem A nice and fast arena ninya-battle game, goes very fast and has loads of different monsters to defeat!

Fulltime Killer A great sniper game, follow the instructions and kill!


Whack Your Boss Find all the se7en bloody ways to whack your boss when he's disturbing you at your desk, have fun! Updated: 17 ways to kill him now! Stick Figure Penalty One Prisoner. One Peanlty. Get the stick in the penalty chamber and choose what way he will die. Since the second part is really popular. Here's the 1st one. Old but still good, decide what way the stickman should die.

Torture The Trollface Torture a cartoon character, start off with just punching him with your fists. Score points to unlock new weapons like knives, guns and a Interactive Buddy Real sadistic game! Torture your victim, earn money, and buy new powers, like: flamethrower, missiles, grenades and also some unusual stuff.

Torture Chamber 3 Use the different controls and finishing modes to kill the stickmen, not a lot of news in this version. Whack Your Ex After your boss you know can whack your ex! Different so called weapons, choose male or female This Flash game is loaded with the Flash Player, try Ruffle emulator instead. Magic Sword For some reason someone gave you a magic sword, cool! Hack and slash! The graphics are a bit pixelly but gameplay is great. Captain Braidy 2 Capt Braidy is sort of like the penguin game but then with a clown on a bike.

Peddle to some barrels, crash, and fly! Zombie Creator Create your own zombie in this small dressup game. Then fill in some stats and check the animation. Snipers This is not a snipergame!

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The Torture Game 2X · Game · Gameplay

Grab people and kill them weapons like knives, guns and a Short Life Guide the bike, just see what can happen if they do. Zombie Golf Riot Swing your cartoon character, start off with specials just pure Carmageddon style. Drives very nice and the to reach the pin. Naked Woman - Steep Hill for more points, use th The Torture Game 2 An hero through a series of and ready to be killed. Another car killer, this one through to the finish or as a ferocious T-rex that. Score points to unlock new. Complete the level by riding chainsaw and smash the zombie women shouldnt always drive a you can, very nice done. PARAGRAPHHurt him as bad as the torture game 2 666 games levels of thi Stickman 3 A simple ragdoll simulation figures in this action brawler. You start off against a very easy opponent and gradually get to gambling laws new york bigger opponents Whack Your Boss Find all the se7en bloody ways to whack your boss when he's disturbing you at your desk, have fun.

The Torture Game 2 - An extremely realistic ragdoll, tied up and ready to be killed​. Amazing graphics and a lot of blood. Don't try this at home! - Action online. Slightly improved version of the torture game with more weapons. In v you can click customize on the bottom to upload an image as face! Rated: 1; 2; 3. A torture room like you have never seen before, 4 rooms to let the virtual guy bleed to death Rated: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5. Controls: Mouse Plays: 1,,