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Free download games crysis 2 full version


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The graphical effects and the visual effects of Crysis 2 Pc Game full are certainly amazing and attractive. Just because of the ammunition you use is not just a conventional one. While playing Crysis 2 action video game you have to know that this remarkable video game is based on the attack of aliens on our homeland planet.

And there is no way to stop the aliens but the only option which left is the survival in the wood. You should also know that the main character of this game is a mercenary and after a lengthy fight, he gets injured.

And a scientist finds him and plants electronic implements in his body and gives him an Armor sheltered dress. This dress is not a usual suit it will make the player feel the strength, endurances, and exact accuracy.

So just because of that main focus of the player is trying to kill all of the aliens. The player can use the latest technology weapons while fighting. He kills aliens and gives an amazing view during a battle. The sound effect of the game is really amazing. You can hear the sound of echo and a lot of other stuff. The world has been ravaged by a series of climatic disasters and society is on the verge of breakdown.

In a world torn apart by many natural disasters, human civilization is on the verge of extinction. The aliens returned, and with them came the invasion fleet, whose task is the complete extermination of people on the planet. The first target of total destruction was new York. To win this war, people need much more than just soldiers. One person was lucky enough to test a tool that can help in this difficult task.

And that soldier is you. Donning the nanosuit version 2, the perfect battle armor, you will become the only hope of humanity to win, the only weapon that can save humanity from destruction.