wwe raw interactive game 2
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Wwe raw interactive game 2

Matches and wrestler's attributes are scarily realistic. Momentmum is a big factor in any match, just as in the WWE. Create-a-superstar and online play will keep you playing the game with new characters months after you beat the game. I would definitely recommend buying this game, especially if you have any intere st in wrestling whatsoever.

If you have any questions about the game, don't hesitate to contact me! I have to agree that Smackdown Vs Raw is the best to date but, i will have to disagree when it comes to charactor creation. The game does not offer enough hair styles or clothes to create many charactors.

I would also have liked to have been able to edit the superstars appearance. Also THQ must have been in a real hurry to release the game where they didn't notice the Smackdown opening video shows wrestlers not included in the game. And in case they didn't notice Tazz says to Cole the match might last 60 mins and Cole replys that he wished it would last an hour.

With the many flaws i found in Smackdown Vs Raw i would still have to say it is the best wrestling game since No Mercy. Yet, there is nothing to compare it to since WWE has no competition. Ok so we're do I begin I own a ps4 ps3 and my mom and dad from my fiance's side are giving me a ps2 practically brand new I'm a huge WWE wwf ufc anything you name it fan I watched wrestling back when stone cold rock and John Cena wasn't who they was today I have every wwe game on the ps4 and the ps3 and if you don't have this classic or from eBay also try getting because you can cap your abilities out at 98 99 your missing out iv owned every wwe game out for every system you known from sony.

Beatin every one paid for every dlc never bought a season pass in my life. This game is pretty sweet. You have a ton of freedom in creating your own fighter, from what they look like to what fighting style you want. The gameplay is simple but not dumbed down. The ability to reverse moves takes some getting used to but is well worth it. This game has crazy replay factor because it gives you soooo many game modes to pick from and the story mode gives you a touch of choice making ability, although nothing you do really changes the outcome either way.

All in all I give this a 4 out of 5. If your a fan of the WWE I can't see how you wouldn't enjoy this game. Raw Sony PlayStation 2, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw Sony PlayStation 2, 4. Condition is "Brand New". Packed with all-new match types, more moves, backstage areas, and the only four-player season mode, WWE Raw 2 is sure to be the wrestling game of choice.

Saturday, July 26, Score: Will it make up for the first RAW flop? By these screenshots, it looks to have the potential to do that. Check out the details. Post by SnoochyBoochy 4 Replies, Views. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Xbox is a registered trademark of Microsoft.


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