god of war 2 game for ps2
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God of war 2 game for ps2

The gameplay of God of War II is very similar to that of its predecessor. It also keeps the concept of using minigames to perform bloody kills. Another element that returns from the previous game is Kratos ability to find Red Orbs to level up his weapons and magic and Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers to increase his health and magic meters. Like the previous God of War , Kratos receives numerous weapons and magical powers all throughout his quest, given to him by certain characters, or taken from his enemies.

These items offer small enhancements in terms of gameplay over God of War , such as Icarus' Wings an item cut from the original game , which allows the player to glide short distances, the Golden Fleece , which allows players to repel projectiles, and the Blades of Athena, an item returning from the first game which now lets players swing from highlighted objects.

God of War II takes place shortly after the events of God of War: Ghost of Sparta , but over 13 years after the events of God of War ; Kratos, after defeating Ares, has become the new God of War, but unfortunately has not been accepted by the other Gods due to his ruthless treatment of the other Greek city-states. Kratos is still haunted by memories of the deeds from his past while working under Ares.

He finds enjoyment the only way he can, by leading and aiding his Spartan army in conquering Greece. Athena pleads that Kratos stop, telling him that she cannot protect him much longer from the wrath of Olympus and that he should not turn his back on her because it was she who made him a god. Kratos replies that he owes nothing to her and descends to the battle of Rhodes to assist his Spartan army. Kratos joins the fight as a God and begins destroying the city of Rhodes.

After a short while, Kratos notices an Eagle, who Kratos believes to be Athena in disguise. The bird robs him of his godly height, infusing them into the Colossus of Rhodes and bringing it to life to kill Kratos. After a protracted conflict with the metal giant that rages across the city, Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus , which Zeus himself used to win the Great War between the Gods and the Titans.

At Zeus' behest, Kratos infuses the Blade with his godhood, rendering him mortal but enabling him to destroy the Colossus from the inside. However, Kratos soon finds himself mortally wounded after being crushed by the severed, falling hand of the statue.

Kratos realizes he must retrieve the Blade of Olympus to save himself. As he slowly gets up and limps his way to the sword, Zeus reveals himself as the Eagle that stole his power, and he betrayed Kratos so that his fate will not be the same as Ares'.

Zeus then stabs the Blade of Olympus into Kratos' chest, killing him after he refuses to forever serve the Gods. However, as Kratos is being dragged towards an eternity of torment in the Underworld, he is saved by Gaia , the mother of the Titans and the franchise's narrator, who offers an alliance.

Gaia tells the story of Zeus and how Cronos, Zeus' father, ate all of his children to prevent the prophecy that one of his own children would rise against him and how Rhea, Zeus' mother, saved her child and sent him away to an island that was really Gaia, the Titaness Mother of Earth and Zeus' grandmother, and Gaia nurtured Zeus until he grew to be a man and sought revenge against Cronos and all the Titans. When the Titans were defeated by the Gods, they were punished and humiliated, and they want Kratos' help to exact revenge.

Kratos escapes the Underworld and is bidden by Gaia to find the Sisters of Fate in order to change his past and avert his betrayal and kill Zeus. She gives Kratos the aid of the magical horse Pegasus to traverse the distance to the Sisters.

Kratos and Pegasus, after a detour to a mountain that houses the Titan Typhon and the former Titan Prometheus , start flying towards The Island of Creation, but are again attacked by Griffins and Ravens, aided by the Dark Rider. The Dark Rider succeeds in slamming into Pegasus, sending the horse plummeting to its death, but Kratos counter-attacks by jumping onto The Dark Griffin, killing the Dark Rider with the Spear of Destiny, and killing the Dark Griffin by lodging the spear in its neck, as Kratos dives to the Island of Creation below.

As he explores the island, Kratos encounters the likes of Theseus , from whom he kills and gains the Horse Keeper's Key and the Steeds of Time a gift to the Sisters of Fate from Cronos in an attempt to change his own fate , Perseus , whom he savagely kills and takes his reflective shield to progress, the captain from the ship in the beginning of the God of War , and the Barbarian King whom he decapitated in the original God of War , from whom he takes the Barbarian Hammer.

Kratos also encounters a haggard and crazed Icarus , whom he takes the Icarus' Wings from, and the Gorgon queen Euryale , from whom he gained the Head of Euryale by decapitating. Kratos lands upon the Titan Atlas below the earth and tries to communicate with him. At first Atlas resents the sight of the Spartan and refuses to help Kratos, bent on crushing the human for his new imprisonment since their last meeting in God of War: Chains of Olympus.

However, Kratos manages to persuade Atlas to help him so that he may change his fate and kill Zeus. With the Titan accepting the offer, he grants Kratos a new power called the Atlas Quake and helps him back to the surface so that he may continue his quest. After reaching the surface he kills the Kraken and reawakens the Phoenix to fly towards the Temple of Fates with his desire for revenge for Zeus and a knowledge of Zeus destroying Sparta acts as an anger that helps him continue his quest.

Finally reaching the Throne Room , Kratos expresses his firm desire to change his own fate, and that of Zeus, the King of the Gods of Olympus, after which the Sisters deny him passage through. Kratos then confronts Lahkesis. After a gruesome battle, Kratos stands witness as the middle sister Atropos comes forth from within the defeated Lahkesis, taking Kratos back in time, to the very moment of his battle with Ares. Planning on cutting his life short by destroying the Blade of the Gods , Kratos interferes by defending the Blade of the Gods, thus keeping the way things originally were.

He soon defeats Atropos before traveling back to the present time while leaving Atropos trapped in a mirror. Now fighting both Lahkesis and Atropos at the same time, Kratos manages to stab the two Sisters with his blades and destroy the mirror they are trapped in. Thus, killing them by erasing the sisters out of existence. Kratos then makes his way to the remaining sister, Clotho , who operates and defends the Loom of Fate, which rules the lives of mortals and Gods alike.

Pinning Clotho's hands to the ground, Kratos manages to impale her skull with a giant swinging blade-like pendulum, killing the final sister. With the destruction of the three Sisters of Fates, Kratos granted himself control over the Loom and his own destiny. He goes back to his death at Zeus' hands in Rhodes, saving his past self and reclaiming the Blade of Olympus from a surprised Zeus, inciting a lengthy battle with the King of the Gods.

At the end of the fight, Zeus stuns Kratos with a powerful lighting storm, Kratos then announces untruthfully that he surrenders. As Zeus is about to kill Kratos, he deflects the blow using an energy blast and pins Zeus's hands to the rock with The Blades of Athena.

Kratos then takes the Blade of Olympus and begins driving it into Zeus' chest. Armed with the deadly blades and blistering rage, players are aided by new breath-taking magic and new brutal combat moves. The journey takes them through vividly striking environments where they are faced with a labyrinth of challenging puzzles and mini-games intricately woven into the story.

The violent world of Greek mythology comes to life in gory detail as Kratos encounters new mythical characters, and compete in epic boss battles in his quest. User Ratings. Your Score. More statistics and details. Tech Support i need the passcode to install it what is it? Build Red orb count doesn't go up? Build Porque ya no aparece la cadena para regresar a la isla? God of War 3 director leaves Sony Updated Mar 19, Keep me logged in on this device.

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The first disc contains the game, and the second disc is dedicated to the game's development, including a diary of the game's production.

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God of war 2 game for ps2 As a defeated Zeus encourages his fellow Gods to help him kill the now rogue Kratos, the Titans return to Kratos' time, angry and vengeful they climb Mount Olympus to kill Zeus and the Gods. The music does get a bit repetitive, and there is no special attention to any form of 5. He goes back to his death at Zeus' hands in Rhodes, saving his past self and reclaiming the Blade of Olympus from a surprised Zeus, inciting a lengthy battle with the King of the Gods. The best way to describe this is 'more of the same'. The island is host to deadly traps, puzzles, and monsters.
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Reaching the temple, Kratos locates his mother, Callisto, who attempts to reveal the identity of his father. When Callisto is suddenly transformed into a hideous beast, Kratos is forced to battle her, and before dying, Callisto thanks him and beseeches him to seek out Deimos in Sparta. Prior to departure, Kratos encounters and frees the trapped Titan, Thera, which causes the eruption of the Methana Volcano , and subsequently destroys the city. During his escape, he has another encounter with the enigmatic gravedigger, who warns him of the consequences of alienating the gods.

After a battle with Erinys, Kratos arrives in Sparta and witnesses a group of Spartans tearing down a statue of Ares, intent on replacing it with one of Kratos. Kratos then chases a dissenter loyal to Ares into the Spartan Jails, who attempts to kill Kratos by releasing the Piraeus Lion. Defeating both foes, Kratos journeys to the Temple of Ares, where he encounters the spirit of his child self and learns that he must return to the now sunken Atlantis and locate the Domain of Death. Before leaving, a loyal Spartan provides him with his former weapons—used during Kratos' days as a Captain of the Spartan army—the Arms of Sparta.

After returning to the sunken Atlantis, Kratos receives great resentment from Poseidon for sinking his beloved city. Entering the Domain of Death, the Spartan frees his imprisoned brother. Enraged that Kratos had failed to rescue him sooner and stating he will never forgive him, Deimos attacks and overpowers Kratos. However, Thanatos intervenes and takes a protesting Deimos to Suicide Bluffs the site of Kratos' suicide attempt , where Kratos saves Deimos from falling to his death.

A grateful Deimos then aids his brother in battling the god with the Arms of Sparta. At this point, Thanatos realizes Ares chose the wrong Spartan; it was Kratos who should have been taken, the "mark" being his red tattoo. Thanatos, however, kills Deimos but is destroyed, in turn, by Kratos. Remarking that his brother is finally free, Kratos places Deimos in his grave leaving the Arms of Sparta as a grave marker , while the gravedigger states that Kratos has become "Death In a post-credits scene , the gravedigger places Callisto in a grave by Deimos with an empty third grave nearby and states "Now Development of Ghost of Sparta took 23 months to complete.

At Comic-Con , Jan noted that when development began in , the goal was to make the game "bigger" than Chains of Olympus , which had "pushed" the PSP to its functional limits. Jan stated that Ghost of Sparta has taken the PSP to its "absolute capacity", with one additional feature being more on-screen foes. The trophy revealed a site called spartansstandtall.

The meter was speculated to have been filled by players achieving the trophy and reaching the site. Dana Jan stated the reason they chose to have the game take place between God of War and God of War II was because "It seemed to make a lot of sense to fill in that void. In the game, Helios states "Do you think that they'll survive? He confirmed that Kratos and Deimos are not twins and that while Kratos' father is Zeus, "Deimos' father is more of a mystery.

Several voice actors returned to reprise their roles from previous installments, including Terrence C. Josh Keaton , who had previously voiced the loyal Spartan soldier credited as the Last Spartan , did not return to reprise the role, and as such, Gideon Emery voiced the character in addition to Poseidon.

The voice directors were Kris Zimmerman and Gordon Hunt. The minute sequence pits Kratos against various sea and land enemies, including the main opponent Scylla, a sea monster. The sequence also features Kratos using a new weapon, "Arms of Sparta" a spear and shield , and the magical attack, "Eye of Atlantis.

The collection is a remastered port of both games to the PlayStation 3 , with features including high-definition resolution, stereoscopic 3D , anti-aliased graphics locked in at 60 frames per second, DualShock 3 vibration function, and Trophies. As a pre-order bonus at select retailers, players received exclusive downloadable content DLC available via the PlayStation Network.

PSPgo owners received the pre-order items by purchasing the game between November 2 and 23, , on the PlayStation Store. God of War: Ghost of Sparta received generally favourable reviews. Nicole Tanner of IGN stated that in terms of gameplay, "there's nothing unique here, but that's not a bad thing. Praising its story, Pereira claimed that it is "a more personal story than the other GOW games, but one that still features the series' signature trademarks", and also said that the sex mini-game is "arguably the most over-the-top of the bunch".

In terms of visuals, Tanner stated that the graphics are "better than a big chunk of PS2 games" and that it is the "best-looking game on the PSP thus far. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gerard K. Marino Mike Reagan. Hack and slash action-adventure.

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Archived from the original on May 8, The journey takes them through vividly striking environments where they are faced with a labyrinth of challenging puzzles and mini-games intricately woven into the story. The violent world of Greek mythology comes to life in gory detail as Kratos encounters new mythical characters, and compete in epic boss battles in his quest. Newest Oldest Most Voted.

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