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Lineage 2 in game bot

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Happy client. My server updates every day. Always get feedback some hours later. Good support. Excellent support. There were things that I do not understand because of the language, but they were very patient. I appreciate their work, thank you! Awesome support. They answered my questions quickly and everything works great. Very happy with purchase. Admins are very friendly and help me a lot to setup program!!! Will recommend this program!!!

Hello, really good team of adrenaline. They are good ppl and support fast and explain easy. Soo much thx broo. U guys are awesome, I cant play for long coz of irl works. This bot helping us to keep up with other player hahahaha God bless you guys.. Once again so much thxx. Great support and customer service, answered all questions. Good job. Absolutely great service! Great response times, professional, friendly and helpful!

Excellent service! You've helped so much and all the time were super nice and professional. Keep it up bro! Flexible settings of battle, heal, buff, target selection, drop, etc. Auto invite, follow-up, assistance, party protection, buff, heal, etc. We will let you know if the bot works on your server, and help with the choice of license.

We have many ready-made scripts for the bot, and we also write custom scripts by order. The main feature of the Adrenaline Bot is a powerful scripting engine that allows you to automate almost any action in the game using scripts, for example returning to spot, making quests or even PVP. The script engine is based on an easy-to-understand yet effective programming language.

Encryption and compilation of scripts are available, as well as their binding by HWID. Ready-made path finding algorithms and a visual editor for editing routes. In our documentation described all script engine's methods and examples of their use. Bundle of scripts with interface for PvP, enchanting, augmenting, autologin and TT recipes.

Universal farm script suitable for any chronicle and server. Return to spot, rebuff, consumables purchase etc. Incredible PvP script with radar and interface. For any class and any server. Script with interface for items enchanting, augmentation, skills enchanting, compounding and more.

Script with interface for autologin and accounts control. Only for private servers. Script with interface for completing quests for Tateossian TT recipes. For any server. Simple helper-plugin for making your own scripts. Have build-in dialogs and Bypasses analyzer. Like many other programs, the Adrenaline Bot has many official distributors. Only with us support is provided by 3 experienced and responsive programmers, as well as a chat bot.

We guarantee a response within 24 hours! Since , our team has been actively involved in the development of the bot, plugins, script engine and its documentation! A personal account with statistics of your licenses. Automatic alerts and updates. And of course writing of scripts by order! Find out what players write about us. You can always contact them and make sure the authenticity of their impressions.

Every month we give away several free keys for the Adrenaline bot. To take part, you need to register on the site and buy at least one key during the event and register it to participation the more keys you have, the more chances to win. Works only on official Lineage 2 servers. Only works on private Lineage 2 servers. Adrenaline is a bot for Lineage 2 that supports scripts that allows you to automate gameplay, such as killing mobs , leveling up or completing quests. In addition, bot has a script engine - i.

The list of supported servers is constantly changing, so always ask our tech supports about server you interested in. To switch to the dark side as quickly and safely as possible - just follow our step-by-step guide. Servers can be official and private, chronicles can be main and classic. Official servers are those maintained by official localizers or publishers, private ones freeshards are those owned by independent development teams. Classic is a branch of the original chronicles, an attempt at restarting Lineage 2.

Adrenaline bot is intuitive and very easy to learn, besides, we have very detailed manuals on setting up the interface on our website. In addition, you can ask questions in our official Discrod server , where other bot users can help you.

Our website has a section with instructions for setting up a bot , and we also have a playlist with a video on setting up a bot. We advise you to watch our video related this topic. To do this, you need to download the maps by the updater HF or GoD and then click RMB on the blue area and turn on the map display checkbox. Now you will not surprise anyone with the interface bot familiar to everyone, no matter how great and flexible its functionality is, you can always say "but he cannot do this or that.

Thus, Adrenaline allows you to do absolutely everything that comes into your head: complete quest chains, leveling by changing spots by level, go through instances and much more. You can use scripts to dominate the enemy in PvP. Plugin is essentially the same script, only with an interface, which makes it easier to make settings in it for example, the NexTarget radar. To do this, you need to select an account in the list, open and run a script on it.

You can watch our video instruction on how to use scripts in the bot. First, you can see examples of scripts for Adrenaline bot. You can find a detailed description of all methods in our documentation. After registering in personal cabinet, you can leave a request to write a script. Your order will be published in the scriptmakers chat, and if you have described the task well, one of them will contact you.

After some bot updates, scripts may stop working. Most likely, you just need to update the script. Just contact the script developer - he should help you. This means that the protection has been updated on your server, but the bot has not yet. You should run updater and wait for it to offer to download the update. This is normal, remember that from time to time the protection on the servers may be updated, which may cause the bot to fail for a while. Don't worry, we are always aware of such updates, and we release fixes as quickly as possible.

In addition, if the release of an update is delayed due to our fault, we are always ready to compensate for the time on your keys. This means that the verification server was either disabled on purpose for your own safety or simply under ddos this is extremely rare, but still possible. In this case, you should just wait. You can ask in the chat, it's only for you, or for other users too, but please don't spam our supports about this in a PM.

There are many possible reasons and they descripbed in our instruction. But two main reasons are: either you have an incorrect key from the bot in the key. There are a lot of antiviruses, so we cannot give detailed instructions on how to add to the exceptions for each one, but you can google it. General plan - go to the settings, look for the option "Add an exception" or similar, and add the path to the folder with Adrenaline there.

We do the same with the firewall - you need to add Adrenaline. If something does not work out for you or it did not help you, feel free to contact our technical support. For security reasons, when starting the bot, some files disappear, including Updater. Or just download the Adrenaline bot updater again on our website. If you gave your key to someone, they are probably trying to use it in parallel with you. If not, antiviruses may be blocking the bot's work.

In this case, it is better to contact our tech. The purchase takes place fully automatically through the oplata. At the same time - no, but the key can be rebound, i. You will see a confirmation window on rebinding the key to a new PC during bot launch. Yes, we can give a test key , it is discussed individually with everyone. Register on our website, and write to our tech supports, indicating your account on the site.

First of all, if you have any difficulties with launching the bot, contact us for help! Respect your time and ours. Any attempts to scam are suppressed - besides, you will be banned and you will never be able to use our product again. Formally, Adrenaline Bot is a prohibited program by the rules of most game servers, so this possibility exists and you should understand this.

However, the realities are such that server protections either simply cannot detect our bot. If you value the characters that under bot controll, do not leave them unattended for a long time but better not leave unattended at all. Because in the case of a manual check by GMs, if you have not configured events, it will be immediately clear that you are a bot.

Also remember about petitions from other players. From time to time, server protections are updated. At this moment, the bot can theoretically be vulnerable and detectable. From our side, we are taking the necessary measures and monitoring such updates usually, in such cases, when the game starts, a black console window with numbers will appear.

If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to ask once again in the chat if it is safe to enter the game with the bot. It is absolutely not safe! One of the basic security rules is that ALL clients must be launched after the bot has been launched, otherwise it will be detected by the server's protection.

This can lead to a ban of both all currently running characters and those previously launched from this PC. Before purchase, please, make sure that you had consulted with our technical specialists and had read the important information. It seems that all the keys of this type were sold out. We will restock them asap.

Please wait or contact us. By purchasing and using the Adrenaline bot you agree to a number of conditions:. Remember, we try to make you satisfied with your purchase and be warned in advance about all the nuances. We do not have a goal just to get money, and in the event of a dispute, we are ready to meet halfway, unlike other sellers. But at the same time, we expect a correct attitude and communication, rudeness and insults will not help to solve your problem.

For your convenience, we have organized a service for writing custom scripts by our team of script developers. After registering in your personal account, you can place an order for the making of the script according to your requirements.

Then, interested developers possibly several will contact you via Discord to agree on a price and order details. Describe in technical requirements what you need as detailed as possible. Each key that you bought on our website can become a winner in a monthly giveaway, and you will receive exactly the same one for absolutely free. To do this, after registering in your personal account, register all your keys for participation.

After that wait for the beginning of next month and our news in Discord summarizing the action. Perhaps luck will smile to you! On the first day of each month, giveaway results automatically published in our Discord. Join to server. Adrenaline Years On market!

Watch video Get adrenaline Scripts for bot. Supports absolutely all game chronicles, starting from Interlude. Scripting engine that extends the standard capabilities of the bot. Friendly technical support and regular bot updates.

Bypasses most popular modern antibot protection. Convenient setup of hunting zones using a virtual minimap. Many ready-made scripts to solve typical routine tasks. We are the largest official distributor of Adrenaline bot. Satisfied customers. Online at Discord. Adrenaline Bot Adrenaline is the best and the most powerful in-game bot for the game — Lineage 2. Lots of conditions A huge number of conditions for different types of game processes. Private methods Bypasses most of protections that actively fighting against botters.

Advanced options Intuitively simple and easily configurable settings for fast start. Group settings Party settings for group farming, healing, buffing and much more. Delphi compiler Smart built-in script engine to create your own scripts and plugins. Event notifications Notifications about non-standard game events, collisions or attacks. Customizable maps Easily customizable battle zones with areas of detour.

Privacy and security We adopt the latest technology to protect your data. Let's Start. Giveaway We made an automatic giveaway for our customers to attract more people to Discord, where this event will be held. Current prize pool: Number of Adrenaline Bot license s :. Participants: Current number of registered users:. Giveaway countdown:. Participate in the event. Why Choose Us? Satisfaction The largest number of non-inflated positive reviews from customers.


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Panda3D Yaroslav GG thx for. We are the largest official making your own scripts. Friendly technical support and regular. Number of registered keys Registered. To understand what is going ready-made scripts for the bot, order for the making of. Source code protection Encryption and in your personal account, register. Script editor Built-in script editor technical support specialists will help. Download bot You can always Every month we give away several mountaineer casino packages keys for the. Leave feedback Share your experiences help each customer to get. You need to be a standard capabilities of the bot.