metal gear solid 2 raiden game over
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Metal gear solid 2 raiden game over

When the first Metal Gear Solid was released on the Playstation, it blew every other game out of the water. It wasn't just a game Not only was the gameplay excellent and heart-pumping, but the story was gripping and touching, the quotes were novel-like and cutscenes were as memorable as your favorite scene in any movie. Now, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty has been released for the Playstation 2, with an improvement upon everything.

The enemy intelligence has got to be the most impressive I have ever seen. They constantly radio in their reports of their guarding spots, and if you kill them, the ones they radio to will check out why they are not responding, forcing you to think before you shoot, unlike many other games. You can sneak up the guards and hold them up or snap their necks if you want, you can limp them by shooting specific body parts, or you can even make them bleed to death by shooting them a few times and letting them live.

The characters are still as three-dimensional as they were before and I don't mean physically as models, but as a character by inner traits, motives and feelings. You'll feel very emotional for them. The story is as gripping as the first, however, it IS a lot more complicated and one would probably have to play through a few more times to understand the plot a lot more. There are so many pieces of the plot that are in their own seperate places, that it's hard to put them together until you do play a few more times.

It's almost impossible to give away the plot without spoiling anything, so I will not say anything, because this game is FULL of surprises. Even at the nearing of beginning of this game that you will be surprised. Metal Gear Solid 2, in my opinion, is not as good as the first game, but it surely does not make this a bad game. In fact, this game is a worthy sequal, as much as The Empire Strikes Back was for the first Star Wars film well, I liked the first better. There are some parts in Metal Gear Solid 2 that will seem too similar to the first game, which is the weakest point of this sequel, but the new quotes and philosophies, outstanding gameplay, wonderful story, and hilarious humor will make this game worth a purchase.

This isn't like a James Bond film, in which every story is quite new. This game does continue with explanations to the first game. You can read the "In the Darkness from Shadow Moses" in this game, which summarizes despite being about pages the events of the first game, though the summary has inaccuracies that were put in on purpose most likely to put a touch of realism in which the author can't remember what everybody says Another congratulations to Hideo Kojima and the crew at Konami for making the second best game out there the best game out, in my opinion, is the first Metal Gear Solid still No game before has ever gripped you by your balls and swung you till you asked it to do it again.

Its cinematic in ways most movies would kill for, its graphics are top of the bar, its sound makes you jump with every cock of the gun. And its gameplay is as flawless as it can get. If this was a movie it would be in the top 5 on everyones list. I don't really dislike the character. I just would like to play as Solid Snake. Raiden is just a little dull. One thing that I really hate is how the creators of the game, deceive and trick gamers, by thinking that Solid Snake was playable, in the whole game.

They did this, by misrepresentation their demos, leading up to the game release. It's wrong that they didn't inform, the gamers that Solid Snake is only playable in the first mission, and that, the rest of the game, the gamer controls Raiden.

Talk about a dishonor swerve by the creators. I really dislike Solid Snake's removal as the playable main character, but I was willing to finish the game, regardless, even if I have to play a whiny baby face character like Raiden to get through it. Despite that, Metal Gear Solid 2 manages to be a good fun game. The game heavily utilized the PlayStation 2's capabilities, in its graphics and gameplay.

While the bare mechanics remain relatively untouched, there were a lot of great improvements was added to this game, while also keeping the identity of the series intact. The horrific textures, the jumpy animations, bad camera angles, and awful controls from Play Station One original, are all now gone. This lead, to better gameplay. I like, how you can now, crawl, duck, and prone around, during sneaking missions.

I also love how you can climb or hang from a balcony or swim if you want to. The best thing, they added, was aiming and shooting in first person mode. I just wish, they along Solid Snake to be as supporting AI, throughout the game. The interactivity is also incredible for a game.

The game has smarter enemy AI. Now, guards can get suspicious if a sentry fails to deliver their status report, and deploy protective riot gear should the player be spotted. It's so much challenging. It's get even funnier, when the luckless soldier with chronic digestive problems return from the first game.

I love the action set pieces and bosses battles. Each one is very unique. My favorite is the bombing disposal mission. My least favorite is any of the swimming levels. The Interactive to the world is very impressive. You can break bottles, glasses, and even create bullet holes in the walls is a highlight. This game is great in the graphics and still holds up, even today. Also noteworthy is the soundtrack.

A fantastic musical score by Harry Gregson-Williams underlines the entire game. There are moments when the music matches the on screen action so perfectly. The voice acting is very strong; particularly from David Hayter, but like the previous game, the game also suffers from exposition diarrhea. It has way too much long stretches of somewhat boring codec conversations.

Sometimes, you might heard something smart, being said, but the majority of the time, its mind-numbing lecturing and uninteresting. Sadly, you still can't skip, most of them. While most of the gameplay was universally acclaimed; the cinematic of the game is probably the biggest fault. I was a bit confused on the philosophical nature and execution of the game storyline.

The game has this avant-garde surrealism and post-modernism felt to it; remind me of the philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Hobbes, and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, as well as the more recent social media and social gaming trends. I know, that the game wanted to be gripping and thought-provoking, but it came across as messy.

Themes such as political conspiracies, memes, social engineering, censorship, and artificial intelligence are somewhat unsatisfying explored. Directed and created by Hideo Kojima, the story revolves the "Big Shell", a massive offshore clean-up facility that has been seized by a group of terrorists that call themselves, the "Sons of Liberty". Their plan is destroy the facility and create a cataclysmic environmental disaster if their demands are not met.

The player take control of Raiden as he must find a way, not only to stop the terrorist threat, but also find out, who his allies and his enemies are, when a world-shaking conspiracy is discovery. According to Kojima, the original plot of the game revolved around nuclear weapon inspections in Iraq and Iran and had Solid Snake trying to stop the Metal Gear while it was located on an aircraft carrier, in a certain time limit. However, the political situation in the Middle East became a concern and they decided that they could not make a game with such a plot.

The tanker in the released game is based on this original plot. It has the most overly convoluted plot from all the series. Still, there were a lot of great homages and inside jokes to other films like 's Escape from New York, 's Titanic, and 's Space Odyssey that made this, very entertaining. I also love the returning cameos from the first game.

It made fun to watch. I still would recommend playing MGS2 nonetheless. So, stop hiding in your little box, and play it! It's also one of the best video games of all time. Creator Hideo Kojima and his team have made the impossible possible. They have created a sequel that outdoes the original in almost every way imaginable. It is a masterpiece that redefines what a video game can be and will be the standard of this industry for years to come. If there's one thing all players can agree on, it's that "Metal Gear Solid 2" excels in its cinematic presentation.

Not only in the cutscenes, but in the gameplay itself. The graphics are an awesome sight to behold. It's been almost three years since the game first debuted in the U. They are detailed, lifelike and stunning. Interaction with the game's enviroment is encouraged and so is the open-ended gameplay.

The sky's the limit when it comes to your imagination and curiosity. You can move around in stealth and collect dogtags off soldiers or be a "Rambo"-type badass and just kill everybody in sight. Your choices determine what the game's experience will be.

Be inventive and you'll realize how deep this title actually is. The game is divided into two parts. A "prologue" takes place aboard an oil tanker just off of the coast of the New York Harbor and the "main story" is set on a cleanup plant. If "The Matrix" stunned with you the surprise twist, then "Metal Gear Solid 2" will have your head spinning way before the end. It's talky, but if you stick with it you'll feel like you survived the ultimate mind bender. There are two action sequences that "Matrix" creators the Wachowski brothers would probably envy.

One is an awesome gunfight involving high-tech ninjas and the other is the climactic fight you engage in with samurai swords. Not only does MGS 2 mess with your brain, it is also the very definition of cool action.

An A Plus. It's gonna take alot to top this installment of Solid Snake's adventures. I'm sure Hideo Kojima will be up to the task. Then what are you waiting for? Go and buy it now! Hideo Kojima has done it again. The fifth addition to the official Metal Gear lineup is quite definately the best. Perfect AI, powerfull voice acting by the returning David Hayter, Patrick Laine, and Christopher Fritz, a professionaly composed score, and graphics that will make you swallow your tounge.

If you cant handle good games, stay as far away from this title as possible. So basicaly, it's lookin pretty good. Ryjhan 18 November This game is by far the best PS2 game out there at the moment. The graphics are amazing, the plot is outstanding, and the attention to detail is mind-blowing. If you have a PS2, get this game. This game made sweet love to my mind in a cheap motel and never called back the following day.

MGS2 isn't just a game, it's an experience. It's a thrilling, intelligent, and emotional roller coaster ride with twists and turns at every corner. I achieved such a high level of immersion on my first playthrough that I found myself questioning reality by game's end. Though initially annoyed by Konami's decision to make Raiden the main protagonist, I did enjoy seeing Solid Snake from a student perspective.

Seemingly all knowing mentor who's better equipped and provides support when you're stuck is an appropriate role for a character who exudes unparalleled badassery and pimptitude. The soundtrack was pretty good. The improvements in gameplay over the original are vast. The first person aiming is a godsend, and the improved AI made toying around with enemy soldiers infinitely more fun and versatile.

Every phase of the game is "Solid". Pun intended. This is without a doubt the best ever game to be release on any game console! The story line is excellent, the graphic is a benchmark for future releases and the sounding matches every part of the game. It's a shame where you don't get to play as Snake full out the game but the character Raiden is a good replacement especially that cartwheel stunt but he crys to much!

What the Snake is a great character. I was mad when I found out that you aren't him. Radien is cool but everyone thinks he's a girl. But it's his first mission and you go to save the president but end up doing a lot more. From that you start fighting freaks, finding out that Snake's alive, learning of a new and unstoppable Metal Gear, and fight with your girlfriend all at the same time.

It is a good game with lots of stuff to achieve and lots of enemies to fight. You should rent or buy this game. It's one of best games. Cirene 1 June You'll be too confused and you will whine about it. From the start, it looks like you'll be playing a typical Metal Gear. Go in, rescue hostages, destroy Metal Gear, and get out. While that is all followed, you do it in the most clever and exciting of ways. First, the Tanker Chapter The graphics are gorgeous. Absolutely incredible camera work and tremendously well-done voice acting.

It could be said that this game has more going for it than most Hollywood films. Snake's arsenal gets a complete overhaul, and a variety of new moves. Enemies are smarter and deadlier, and the great new feature of getting through the game without killing a single boss character is very welcome to stupid naysayers. In many ways, the game fits so perfectly with Raiden than with Solid Snake. People who pay attention will realize that we find a lot more out about Snake through the perspective of another, and it really helps to move the story along.

And what a story it is. This game deals with the esque world we've all been thinking about. Censorship, memes, social engineering, AI, and conspiracy theories. The story can be convoluted, and many will say "huh? But let's address that right now. Gameplay can be fickle. For some reason, we're still left with the crouch-then-crawl routine of Snake introduced way back in with Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

We get the funny way of movement and the sometimes frustrating camera angles, and the awkward way of firing a weapon based on pressure pushing. But these are only very minor things, in the larger view. These do not hamper the quality. It's a sneaking game. Many of you will say "Yeah, but still" and I understand that.

But don't discard this wonderful piece of art just for the sake of accurate gun control. The cut scenes are the meat of Metal Gears. Play with it, eat with it, live with it. Shut up about it. But really, the cut scenes are more like a movie than just your standard cut scenes. They are beautifully rendered, and perfectly acted and voiced.

The reason I think everyone hates this particular entry in the series is the fact that they do not watch the cut scenes, so they can't figure out the story. The cut scenes are key to it. They are long, but so are movies. Treat it like that. Codec conversations are a slight problem. Codec conversations are still excellent, mind you, but they do hamper the game-play.

In short, the Metal Gear series is known for it's intricate plot, it's drama, and it's characters. While it may seem like all of these have been so overdone that they are virtually unrecognizable, it's all for the sake of telling a great story. You could not ask for a funnier or more clever sequel. It deserves so much more than a One boss required you to swap joypad ports to stop him reading your thoughts. Kojima even had gamers scratching their heads looking for a radio frequency. Cue players frantically scouring Snake's inventory and gameworld.

As it turned out, it was found in a screenshot on the back of the game's own box. Inspired in design and satisfying at its conclusion, this was one of the great games of its era. Metal Gear Solid remains one of the few games to make gamers think outside of the confines of its world. It also wasn't afraid to reference its rich back-story, causing players to read up on the events of the old NES games.

Few videogame narratives offer such depth. The theme of Metal Gear Solid was Gene. Its closing act revealed Snake and Liquid to be clones of Big Boss; products of a project to create the perfect soldier, called Les Enfants Terrible. Metal Gear Solid was itself proof that the PlayStation was a gamer's console. Setting new standards for production, inspired in design and satisfying at its conclusion, this was one of the great games of its era.

A PS2 sequel topped everyone's most wanted lists. Consternation centred on the fact that Metal Gear Solid's rock-hard hero Solid Snake was replaced by girly white-haired Raiden for the majority of the game. No-one saw it coming. Moreover, Kojima went to town on the plot, confusing with elaborate Codec dialogue, long cutscenes and a bonkers screenplay, enhancing what made MGS1 so divisive.

Ocelot now had Liquid Snake's arm grafted to him, which somehow took him over. And a longwinded climax practically told you that everything had been a cover-up. Plenty were perplexed. A disillusioned few swore off the series for life. Which was a shame because, between breaks in play, Sons of Liberty was astonishing. For starters, it oozed production values; with unrivalled graphical detail and a soundtrack courtesy of Hollywood Harry Gregson Williams, fronted by a rousing re-edit of the MGS theme.

Sons of Liberty is, with hindsight, a contradicted game, but still a bonafide blockbuster action-adventure. Gameplay followed suit. This was an extrapolation of everything that defined Metal Gear. Refined A. Lockers, tables, first-person aiming and hiding bodies made sneaking at once tenser, but more open to interpretation.

And the big plot twist the Big Brother style Patriots put the entire saga into a new context. MGS2 made everything bigger. It showed Kojima wasn't afraid to sacrifice popular opinion to pursue his vision. Impenetrable at its most pretentious but compelling, playable and stupendously surreal at its peak, Sons of Liberty is, with hindsight, a contradicted game, but still a bonafide blockbuster action-adventure.

It evolved Kojima's storytelling, too. Though controversial, playing as Raiden gave a newfound respect for Snake. The theme also evolved, becoming Meme. Kojima wanted to express that we should pick the ideas, culture and beliefs for us; passing on these memes to shape the future.

MGS2's story reflected this, seeing Snake and Liquid's older clone brother, Solidus, turning terrorist to rebel against the secret censorship of the all-controlling Patriots. The Patriots became an ominous, faceless, oppressive uber-foe, who have still to be defeated, which is what makes Metal Gear Solid 4 such a tantalising prospect. The stage firmly set for a climactic battle between Snake, Liquid and The Patriots, Kojima instead made a prequel.

This was Kojima's Revenge of the Sith. The theme, Scene, was something different. Kojima had explored Gene, and genetic legacy. He'd gone into Meme, and handing down values. But Scene focused on adapting to the here and now. It was expressed in the gameplay, with Snake adapting to his jungle surroundings through camouflage and cannibalising wildlife.

And it was explored in the narrative, which discussed how values of people, politics and nations change with the times. At the same time, Metal Gear Solid 3 detailed the origins of the Patriots; who ultimately pulled the world's political strings, of Metal Gear technology, and of Big Boss himself, known by another codename; Naked Snake. But there was an awful lot of stop-and-start. Healing and feeding menu screens ate into gameplay too. The jungle, meanwhile, presented fewer hiding places.

Getting spotted meant running between areas with long loading screens or hiding in foliage for minutes at a time. Snake Eater was slow going. But when it gathered momentum, MGS3 was a triumph. The 's setting made this a low-tech Metal Gear Solid, lacking on-screen radar or hi-spec gadgets, but the story was far easier to follow.

Snake's mission to rescue a Soviet scientist and destroy the nuclear-equipped Shagohod tank the forebear to Metal Gear robots encompassed memorable characters including a young Ocelot, megalomaniacal cyborg Colonel Volgin, femme fatale Eva, and Snake's mentor, The Boss, accompanied by her team, the Cobras.

Slow start aside, MGS3's main criticisms lay in the camera, and the Cobras' lack of depth. MGS1 and 2's bosses had intricate personal histories, but here they were simply The Boss's war comrades. Nonetheless, they made for spectacular battles, and when Subsistence re-released MGS3 the following year with a new free-floating camera and online multiplayer, fans and critics were unanimous that Metal Gear Solid 3 was another sneaky Kojima corker.

As well as the famous home-system versions, the Metal Gear series has spawned a selection of stylish portable spinoffs to varying degrees of success. Metal Gear Ac! Not your typical Metal Gear, Ac! Portable Ops pioneered a squad system, allowing players to recruit soldiers and utilise their unique abilities. It also boasted Wi-Fi compatible online multiplayer that took a lot from Subsistence, and proved a huge success for Sony's smaller system.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus : Portable Ops Plus gave gamers extra multiplayer content in the form of new characters including Raiden , new missions and tutorials, plus a new singleplayer component that put aside story to focus on randomly generated missions.

One for fans of the first game's online offering. MGS1 was Gene. MGS2 was Meme. MGS3's Scene discussed how the times and places we live in dictate the information we see and share. Metal Gear Solid 4's Sense focuses on how perceptions and feelings influence those choices.

In the five years since Sons of Liberty, Snake's clone body has aged considerably. His last mission is to stop Liquid, in control of Ocelot's body, launching a military coup against the United States, secretly controlled by The Patriots. Snake's last mission is to stop Liquid Ocelot launching a military coup against the United States, secretly controlled by The Patriots.

As the final chapter, all remaining stories of an enormous ensemble cast must be tied up especially Snake, pictured holding a gun to his own mouth on several occasions. Sense is apparent in Old Snake's new armoury.


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After verifying with Kevin that it was the location of Operation Tecumseh, he proceeded to raid it. Sunny later informed Raiden about the gate, and informed him that she'd send an invoice requiring Raiden to pay for the repair and reinforcement costs, causing Raiden to lament that Rose would most likely "kill" him for the expenses. Deducing that World Marshal intended to frame Desperado with the attack on the President, Raiden decided to destroy the control tower, hoping to cause enough damage to get the United States military to realize something was wrong.

However, by the time he got to the control tower's vicinity, he discovered Blade Wolf's prone body. Suspecting that an ambush awaited him, he carefully scanned for any potential enemies nearby, although the ground gave way underneath him. Senator Armstrong then stepped out of the cockpit and explained his motives regarding the fall of SOP and the ruin of the American economy. In addition, he also learned from both Boris and Armstrong himself that he currently didn't plan on assassinating the President.

Instead, Armstrong had framed the jihadi rebels for attacking the base itself via Desperado and had the President rerouted back to America. Raiden managed to defeat EXCELSUS by cutting off its front legs, throwing it onto stable ground, engaging it in battle with one of its blade arms, chopping up its head, and then impaling it with its own sword. Raiden kills Steven Armstrong. Armstrong's nanomachines gave him the upper hand and he easily snapped Raiden's HF Sword in half with his bare hands.

As Raiden was on the verge of defeat, Armstrong continued to elaborate on his full motives. Armstrong believed that America had rotted to the core, so he intended to remake America so the citizens will all fight, die, and kill for whatever they individually believed in.

He also expressed the sentiment that the weak needed purging. This prompted Raiden to stand back up and call Armstrong insane. Despite the best of his abilities, he was unable to defeat Armstrong, let alone do sufficient damage. However, Blade Wolf had gotten back up, and after playing back a message Sam recorded before his death, supplied Raiden with Sam's sword.

Raiden then reengaged Armstrong, gradually overpowering him. Eventually Raiden plunged his arm into Armstrong and ripped out his nanite-altered heart, crushing it. Though he was considered by the public to be a person who hurt a lot of people, Sunny still viewed Raiden as a hero. Afterwards, Raiden decided against rejoining Maverick, having resolved to fight his own war, albeit against more cyborg mercenaries contracted out to kill him.

He also had his face restored to a more human looking face, complete with a new cybernetic eye to replace his left eye. This codename stayed with him after the Manhattan incident until the Patriots' fall. One of Raiden's nicknames was White Devil, which was derived from a slur towards Caucasians that originated in China.

The nickname's use in this case was a reference to Caucasians Raiden's ethnicity being unusual in Liberia at the time of the Liberian Civil War. Another nickname of his was Jack the Ripper, a pseudonym for an unidentified serial killer in who was active in the largely impoverished districts in and around Whitechapel, London. In this case, it was a reference to his skill and cruelty with a blade, a trait that was ingrained into him by Solidus.

Lightning Bolt". Also, because of his past as a child soldier, as well as his possessing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , as a result, he also occasionally pushed away even people he cared about due to his being "afraid of the night. It was largely because of this cold nature, as well as his pushing people he knew away that resulted in Rosemary initially fearing that he was unfaithful to her. Although he immensely respected Solid Snake, there were instances where it had its rough spots during the Big Shell Incident, such as when he learned that Snake and Otacon lied to him about whether they knew about the Big Shell being a great big conspiracy, as well as a remark Snake made that got him angered enough to make explosive insults about Snake, not realizing that he was in earshot, and when Snake "betrayed" Raiden at Arsenal Gear to lessen security on-board without warning him beforehand.

Prior to finding out that Pliskin was in fact Snake, he also held some respect for Pliskin in terms of mentorship and camaraderie. Nonetheless, he did end up suspicious when Rosemary seemed to be praiseworthy of Pliskin. Raiden used to smoke cigarettes at one point in his life, but had quit by the time of the Big Shell Incident. Raiden was also similar to Gray Fox's adopted sister, Naomi, in that he was adopted by the same person who murdered his parents.

Raiden was also similar to Kazuhira Miller , in that he bore unusual features regarding his country of origin. Finally, Raiden, just like Liquid, was taken against his will by a father figure who resembled and were connected to Big Boss: Raiden was adopted by Solidus Snake , while Eli was taken in by Venom Snake the former being a clone and the latter being a body double for Big Boss.

Raiden was the only known Cyborg Ninja to have survived, and also the only one who hadn't fought Solid Snake. Raiden was skilled at cleaning up messes, as he mentioned to the Colonel regarding not leaving stuff lying around at Strut C during the Big Shell Incident. He implied that he gained the skill at cleaning up from having to clean up various messes that Rosemary left at her apartment. Raiden had some knowledge of pop culture, as his meeting with Rose occurred from an argument relating to the building the titular monster climbed in the film King Kong Rose claimed it was the Chrysler Building which Raiden pointed out was in Godzilla , and was at least familiar with the film Escape from New York , as he deduced the partial origin of Solid Snake's alias, Iroquois Pliskin, from that film.

At one point in , he told fellow Maverick member Courtney Collins that he was a huge movie buff, when she reacted with surprise that Raiden actually watched samurai films. However, his skills at Russian were less than stellar. Raiden's main characteristic was his long white-blond hair. Because of the length of the hair, Emma once speculated that the hair was actually a wig and that it was a badly done wig.

Similarly, his appearance also led him to being mistaken for a woman, as evidenced by James Johnson mistaking him for a female Patriot assassin before realizing his mistake by grabbing his crotch and then reacting with slight surprise that Raiden was male.

As a child, this characteristic, alongside his Caucasian appearance, had him stand apart from other Liberians, whom at that time were largely African in ethnicity. By the time of the Guns of the Patriots Incident, Raiden had changed considerably; the trauma of his break-up with Rose and the "miscarriage" of their unborn son , combined with rigorous training and his torture at the hands of the Patriots, changed Raiden from an inexperienced rookie to a cold and virtually emotionless soldier, who seemingly doesn't care about his own life; for instance, in his fight with Vamp in South America, he freely admitted to Vamp that he didn't fear death.

Raiden's only real display of emotion occurred after the death of Big Mama; Snake told Raiden that he Snake has no future, while Raiden has a family; at this, Raiden grabbed Snake, shouting that he too has nothing, before collapsing, seizing Snake by the leg, and begging him not to leave him alone. Nonetheless, due to his past experiences with Snake, he was completely loyal to the legendary soldier and citing his personal views about Snake.

Upon discovering the truth about Rose's "marriage" to Campbell, Raiden seemed to regain some of his old self. In addition, in large part because of his experiences during the Big Shell Incident as a test subject for the S3 Plan, as well as Snake's advice in the aftermath of the S3 Plan, he also aimed to follow through with Snake's vision of people living their own lives, also believing that doing so will fully free him from being a pawn to the Patriots' proxies.

Because of his earlier failure to protect the African Prime Minister, and Desperado's involvement, he also had an extremely cold outlook regarding the cyborg members of Desperado, claiming that they were nothing more than "walking vending machines" referring to his capability of yanking specific electrolyte body parts to recharge his cyborg body after cutting them up.

His outlook was significantly uncaring to the extent that even his fellow Maverick PMC members were deeply disturbed by his behavior. He also had a dry sense of humor and was somewhat sarcastic during this time as well, as he responded to Boris when he asked how it felt to be flying like a bird referring to his being carried over by the MQC flying wing to Abkhazia that it felt like "a bird strapped to a rocket. After becoming a Cyborg Ninja, his overall strength, speed, agility, and endurance had increased to superhuman levels, allowing him to swing two Gekko with little effort by the wires and was even able to temporarily block Outer Haven.

His cyborg body appears to conduct electricity or he seems to be highly resistant to it as when he is separated from his H. F Blade the lightning seems to stop. As a cyborg, he also had elevated pieces on his feet, near his heel portion. These act as grips for his HF blade, in the event that he attempted to use a break-dance-like maneuver to cut up enemies.

In addition, while adopting the Cyborg Ninja outfit, he was strong enough to not only parry a modified Metal Gear RAY unmanned unit's blade, but also to lift it up by the blade and throw the RAY a great distance, as well as agile enough to springboard across several HEMP missiles towards the RAY unit, as well as jump up to the RAY unit's blade after throwing it a great distance in a small period of time. His abilities were likewise improved after his second cyborgification, to the extent that he joked that he wouldn't need any of his eyes to take down any of Desperado's cyborgs if ambushed.

Raiden was also capable of surviving falls large enough to kill any ordinary person, as evidenced by his falling down into the cityscape of Denver, although Boris implied that this was largely due to luck. His strength was also enough for him to effortlessly pry open a gate with his bare hands. His strength, although greatly benefiting him, can also get him into big trouble, a notable instance of this was when he arrived at Solis, where he accidentally and unknowingly wrecked the front gate's electronic lock.

When Sunny confronted Raiden about this via Codec, Raiden mentioned he thought the gate was simply unlocked for him. This conversation ends with Sunny landing him with an invoice requiring him to fully pay off the restructuring and repair costs. By the time of , he became an adherent of the katsujinken "sword that gives life" and issatsu tasho "one life to save a thousand" philosophies originating in Japanese Buddhism, which justify the taking of lives in order to protect society, preserve justice, and defend the weak.

He was also willing to break the law if he knew it was morally right to do so, as evidenced by his decision and motives to conduct a corporate raid on World Marshal's headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Because of his experiences with the Patriots' AIs, he also wasn't initially trusting of sentient neuro-optical AI weapons like Blade Wolf, with Raiden being bemused that Blade Wolf, then the LQi, in his dying sentiments, could conceive of, much less desire, freedom, as well as calling out Blade Wolf for claiming that AIs never lie by claiming that the Patriots AIs did just that.

However, throughout his partnership with Wolf, he began to trust him, even telling him that he was free to pursue his own destiny. This belief was made explicit during his fight with Steven Armstrong, when accusing him of only using Operation Tecumseh to get himself elected for little reason, like the rest of the politicians, and even called him "another maggot crawling in the pile" if America had indeed "gone to shit.

During the fight with Sam in Colorado, he ends up losing control of his inner nature and his suppressed "Jack the Ripper" persona, resulting in their respective moral alignments becoming blurred. Indeed, while under this persona, he frequently breaks out into manic laughter when killing his enemies; he also emits a crimson aura, and keeps the blood of his enemies on his sword.

He also speculated that, in addition to his training under Solidus Snake, he may have had this maniacal relish for killing in his very blood. Raiden has learned to tap into his persona when his normal, peaceful personality isn't enough to subdue an enemy and he needs to unleash his more violent personality to defeat such enemies.

Raiden wasn't much of a sports fan, although he had admitted that the closest he'd came to actually liking a sport was basketball. Due to his harsh childhood, training from Solidus and the Army's virtual training, his mental state and capacity were well suited to combat operations behind enemy lines. He was calm under pressure, adaptive, and somewhat critical.

This training and conditioning also put penalties on some of his social capabilities and mental stability. He was adept with a variety of weapons, from small arms to surface-to-air missiles. His training with Solidus suggested some emphasis in melee combat, and particularly in bladed weapons, as demonstrated by his defeat of Solidus in a sword fight during the Big Shell Incident.

Raiden also showed great endurance and perseverance, as evidenced by his taking down multiple RAYs aboard Arsenal Gear, before becoming too exhausted to continue fighting. After becoming a cyborg, Raiden possessed incredible superhuman strength, speed, and endurance.

His strength enabled him to lift a tremendous amount of weight, evidently ranging to several thousand tons. Prime examples include swinging Gekko around in a circle by his legs, and momentarily stopping Outer Haven , an Arsenal Gear class submarine with his body. His body had similar design to that of a Gekko, as his feet could be used as hands, allowing him to grip and grab hold of objects and edges in a similar manner to an ape or bat. He could stretch out his legs as if they were arms to in this fashion as well, all without any strain or discomfort of any kind.

This allowed him to operate at high efficiency even when he lost both his arms at the shoulders. He also could grip, hold, and even throw objects with inhuman ease and precision in his mouth. This allowed him to wield his sword between his teeth, throw and jam his blade into a wall exactly in front of Snake to stop him, and fend off against several FROG soldiers without his arms. He also was skilled at being attuned with nature, also known as scouting, which he gave Solid Snake pointers in it when contacting him about in South America.

Raiden's superhuman durability makes him virtually indestructible due to the parts of his body made entirely out of steel and artificial muscle fibers. Because of his durability, Raiden, at times, had to resort to self mutilation in order to get his missions done, such as stabbing himself with his own blade to subdue Vamp and slicing his own arm off to free himself from fallen debris so he could save Snake.

In addition, his durability was such that he claimed that he was immune to the effects of microwave emitters. Due to his cyborg body's design, he could sometimes generate electricity. He demonstrated such an ability when preventing a group of Haven Troopers from reaching an immobilized Snake. Raiden demonstrated lightning-like powers, conducting electricity all over his body with which he struck down several of the would-be attackers after he turned on the ceiling sprinklers, allowing him to create electric bolts in the air until the water stopped.

Raiden's superhuman speed enabled him to run extremely fast for great distances. He can run at speeds faster than sound, and can swing his sword faster than the human eye can see, such as when he toppled several storage containers while protecting N'mani. Raiden was also capable of running fast enough to scale walls without falling. His original cyborg body's durability was relatively low, as it was lacking armor, and was obsolete with limited battlefield potential as of With his custom cyborg body, his durability increased tremendously, as demonstrated in Denver, Colorado after raiding World Marshal HQ.

While escaping with Doktor, he fell off the cargo helicopter and survived largely intact, while leaving a large crater. Because of his status as a cyborg, his left arm also was directly connected to his cranial nerves. Because of this, removing it caused serious and unpleasant side effects of undergoing temporary memory loss as well as intense flashbacks to his time as a child soldier in Liberia, due to his hippocampus being stimulated, a side effect of the left arm's holographic storage data being connected to cranial nerves to record everything around him and his senses.

His eye after his upgrade in occasionally turned crimson when being deployed or when about to undergo a deadly maneuver, a side effect of his eye being modified with an optical implant. He did possess optical implants to a slightly lesser degree prior to the upgrade, which displayed things in a HUD.

After becoming an cyborg, Raiden implied that he would drown if he attempted to swim due to his immense weight. More than that he can raise over ton in extreme energy, and punching on steel. Around the time Emma Emmerich's worm cluster was starting to affect GW, after the Colonel insinuated that Rosemary had cheated on Raiden with another man the Saturday before the mission, Raiden privately angrily denied it to be the case, but then started to doubt whether he knew her as well as he did.

Raiden's surgery following the events of Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection, where he was reunited with Rose and first met Little John, took place in a hospital in Maryland. Of the canonical main characters, Raiden is the only one who does not have any significant interaction with Revolver Ocelot, as Solid Snake and Ocelot had a massive rivalry for most of their games, Naked Snake and Ocelot were friendly rivals, and Ocelot served under Venom Snake.

Hideo Kojima personally requested the development of Raiden as a means to develop Snake from a third-person perspective. In the original script, Raiden's voice was also to have been replaced by Snake's prior to his unmasking, should the Plant Chapter have been played through first. The presence of Raiden in the game was announced to the Japanese press on the same day as the game's release in North America. Early concepts for Raiden originally depicted him with dark hair, whereas Rose would have been depicted as a blonde, although the hair colors were switched around by the final version.

The script included in The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 indicated that Raiden's hair color was changed prior to the script's finalization, [35] while Rose retained the original blonde hair by the time the script was finalized. In addition, "Raiden" was initially supposed to be his real name, with his full name being "Raiden Brannigan," during development. According to Shinkawa in the featurette The Making of Metal Gear Solid 2 , the primary reason why Raiden is designed as a bishonen a "pretty boy" is because a fan letter stated that the addresser in question did not want to "play a story with an old man.

The twist that Raiden was not Snake was admitted by Kojima to have been inspired by the plot twist of Terminator 2: Judgment Day where the titular character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger was not a villain in that movie. Raiden holding the high-frequency blade. The sword is longer and more curved than its appearance in the final version. If the player failed to do so, he will mention that underwater operations wasn't covered in VR training. In the original game plan of Metal Gear Solid 2 , Raiden was to have had false memories of his father, in which he was apparently killed in a hunting accident.

Raiden's "father" would also have resembled Solidus. In the novelization, Fortune's reference to Raiden's time as a child soldier in Liberia was further emphasized, where Raiden thought to himself "Fires of hell. The civil war? How could she know about that? Raiden's naked CG character model used during the initial infiltration of Arsenal Gear actually possesses no genitalia.

It can be assumed that the developers chose not to model the character in such detail given that the player would not notice this feature under normal circumstances. As such, the model is not intended to fully represent Raiden's physical characteristics, as supported by lines of dialogue from various soldiers, in regards to the presence and size of his genitalia.

The Metal Gear series had frequently referenced works of Bowie. Originally, it was planned that Raiden's privates would have been exposed during combat against soldiers on Arsenal Gear after escaping the Torture Chamber, but before meeting Solid Snake, depending on how the player did.

It would have resulted in an instant game over. However, this concept ended up being cut in the final version. F Blade. Also when the player equips the night vision goggles or thermal goggles , the visor is shut taking on the full appearance. Whilst playing as this character, Raiden's actions are limited. In one of the Alternative Missions, Raiden's dead body must be examined in order to identify and photograph his killer from a selection of characters in the torture facility of Arsenal Gear.

The deceased Raiden is clutching his groin, indicating that the killer is President Johnson, referencing the latter's actions in the main Sons of Liberty story line. Although Raiden himself is not actually playable in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance 's Snake Tales stories, he is briefly alluded to indirectly in one of the stories, External Gazer. After locating Solidus within the gap between parallel universes and learning of Solidus's plan to ensure that he and his alternate selves survive their fated defeats via interfering with the Koppelthorn Engine , he uses his abilities via the Koppelthorne Engine to seal Solid Snake into the body of a "young, blond man" and experience various surreal realities alluding to Raiden as well as acting as a subtle nod towards Raiden replacing Snake as the main protagonist in the main story.

The negative reception towards Raiden and Rose was also alluded to regarding Raiden and Rose's VR avatars in the same story line, in the scene where Solidus is forced to summon their avatars, where it was stated their misdeeds earned them "the combined hate of the entire universe" as well as the ability to "destroy a world" simply by there mere presence, and thus they were infamous in countless universes.

Metal Gear Solid 3 makes use of Raiden's character as well as his appearance. Selecting the option "I like MGS2! The mask was created primarily as an excuse to allow people who liked Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2 to technically play as him, owing to his popularity in Japan.

Additionally, the oxygen mask that Snake wears during the HALO jump bears an intentional resemblance to the diving mask that Raiden wears in the opening of Metal Gear Solid 2. Likewise, the reasons for his creation, as well as the fan controversy that ensued, were also given subtle references in the game via two radio conversations, both involving the character Major Zero. The first conversation, gained when calling Zero while wearing the mask during the Virtuous Mission, will have Zero comment that he, "for some reason, doesn't like it," in response to Naked Snake's reason that wearing the mask seemed "nostalgic.

Later in the game, Major Raikov , who bears an intentional resemblance to Raiden must be neutralized and his uniform stolen in order to infiltrate the west wing of Groznyj Grad. Raiden himself makes a cameo appearance as a poster in the locker that Naked Snake places Raikov inside upon stripping him of his uniform, as a subtle reference to their similar physical appearances.

Some of Raikov's interrogation quotes are also direct references to things Raiden said at various points in Metal Gear Solid 2. The trailer depicts them fighting over who will be the main character of Metal Gear Solid 4. Snake wins the fight easily due to Raiden having terrible CQC skills, sitting in the "Main Character" chair, signalling a chime. But just as Snake leaves and before the credits roll, Raiden is seen eyeing up the chair, and as the screen fades to black, the same chime is heard.

However, Raiden is not a playable character in Metal Gear Solid 4. Raiden has a major role in one of the Secret Theater shorts made by Kojima Productions for their website, and included in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. One of his failures also had him encountering Colonel Volgin in the prison, referring to his similar appearance to Raikov.

After deciding not to kill Naked Snake, he went back to the events of the Zanzibar Land Disturbance complete with MSX2 graphics to kill Solid Snake himself, ending in similar failure, where, ironically, he is stopped by his original target, Big Boss. In the ending, he accepts that he can't change the past, although he does hope to get a starring role in another Metal Gear game which he does.

Besides Metal Gear Raiden and the Director's trailer, he also has a brief cameo near the end of the film Payback , where he ends up being run over by the Shagohod. According to Kojima, he and the other Metal Gear staff personally liked Raiden, but they effectively made him the "clown" of the Secret Theater films largely because they realize most of the fans outside Japan did not like him. Raiden does not appear in the main story, but he is briefly referenced by his real name, Jack, in the special ending after the player managed to complete 40 VR missions, where he was being trained with various VR missions relating to Solid Snake 's exploits in the Galuade Incident , presumably to make Raiden more powerful than Snake was during Galuade 's fall.

Because Ghost Babel was developed and released prior to Metal Gear Solid 2 , this technically was Raiden's first appearance in the series. After completing Metal Gear Solid Mobile , revealed to be a VR mission, Solid Snake is declared a failed test subject and has his memories erased, and a pair of mysterious voices discuss a second test subject, "Jack", wondering if he can do better. His use of a sword is also referenced by Roy Campbell upon Raiden's recruitment, stating that a new soldier joined who wields a katana.

However, on the downside, he possesses less stamina and health points which makes him vulnerable when he is surrounded by enemies. Overall, he possesses similar stats to Old Snake and Naked Snake. Raiden was confirmed to make a reappearance in Metal Gear Solid 4 during its development. In an interview with 1UP, called Saving Private Raiden, Kojima elaborated that he's not a playable character, and also stated that it was the actual Raiden and not someone who looks like Raiden.

In addition, he also assured them that when the player play the game, they'll like Raiden a lot more than in Metal Gear Solid 2. Raiden's never-used sidearm in Metal Gear Solid 4 is the classic Mk Whether his possessing the information had anything to do with his cerebral network of nanomachines acting as a backup system for GW or not was never explained.

The figure's silhouette and the figure brandishing a sword implied that the figure was Raiden. Similarly, some concept artworks for Raiden himself also had him wearing an outfit superficially resembling his Skull Suit with a face mask covering all but his upper face, as well as his carrying a then-infantile Sunny. There were also concept artworks showing him carrying a vat, presumably containing white blood, as well as concept art of his arm exploding and his mangled body as a result of being crushed by Arsenal Gear, and an alternate take on his saving Snake from the Haven Troopers in Act 5 where he was shown lots of cybernetic guts coming out and an exposed human spine instead of simply wearing the duster in the final version.

Raiden the White-blooded Scout, could fall from any height without damage and jump on ledges that would normally require a boost, and had no nanomachines. He handled a High Frequency Blade, operable in lethal and non-lethal mode, which allowed him to deflect frontal attacks.

His other unique weapons are the Mk. When his Visor was closed, he could see all traps in the map. Instead of the usual CQC three-hit combo, he instead started a spin kick which continued as long as the user kept tapping R1. When pressing the jump back button, Raiden did backwards handstands instead of jumping backwards Raiden could get shot during these back handstands.

He was also equipped with CQC 2 and a throat-slitting ability, along with a running ability higher than Runner 3. The only downside was that, as he did not possess nanomachines at all, he was incapable of performing an SOP link. If tranquilized, he'd sometimes say "Rose This could be seen after taking a large fall. He did a similar pose in Metal Gear Solid 4 itself during Act 2, shortly after defeating several Gekko.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the second game in which Raiden is the primary player character, although this time the player takes control of Raiden in his Cyborg Ninja appearance. The story for the game, when it was titled Metal Gear Solid: Rising , was originally going to cover the events that occur between Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 , and would have focused on how Raiden became the character he is during the Guns of the Patriots Incident.

However, at some point, the story was shifted to taking place years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4. The decision to move the time period was met with a large degree of controversy, as several fans felt that it cheapened the ending of Metal Gear Solid 4 , in particular Raiden's final scene. A podcast, however, addressed this issue and stated that the game would explain why Raiden is back on the battlefield despite the implications of Metal Gear Solid 4 's ending.

Raiden's Japanese voice actor during this game was originally planned to be Toshiyuki Morikawa instead of his regular voice actor, Kenyu Horiuchi. Similarly, Quinton Flynn , around the same time, mentioned that he wasn't approached to reprise his role in Metal Gear Solid: Rising , [46] implying that Raiden would have a different voice actor in the English version as well, although Flynn ultimately did reprise the role when the game was revamped into Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Raiden's original render, alongside the updated version, demonstrating his appearance in Metal Gear Rising. The game employs a more action-based style of game-play based around a concept called "zan-datsu" "cut and take" , although stealth elements of the previous games are still present. The game-play strives to allow the player to replicate the same kind of feats that Raiden performed in Metal Gear Solid 4.

The original render of Raiden from the game's reveal at E3 showed him with a brown eye and a pale complexion. The eye color was rectified in a promotional render released several months later via the online game Metal Gear Solid: Piece Walker. Although Raiden's involvement in the Liberian Civil War was stated as early as his first appearance in Metal Gear Solid 2 , it wasn't until Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance that it was explicitly stated that Liberia was his birthplace.

In the artwork for Rising and Revengeance , Raiden had a navy-blue bandage over his left eye as a makeshift eye-patch. A teaser image of a medical report on the Revengeance site implies that he got retinal damage from injuries that resulted in several lacerations and the amputation of a redacted body part. Another letter regarding the retrieval of Raiden's arm further implies that the amputated body part was in fact his left arm. The "Arm" trailer [17] also implies that he received an optical implant.

Likewise, the "Eye" trailer [18] mentioned that the damage to Raiden's left eye was irreparable due to the optical nerve being completely destroyed, resulting in it having to be removed. Although the footage never appeared in-game, the event itself was referenced in a Codec call to Doktor, regarding the content of 3D holo drives contained inside the left arms of cyborgs.

In a leaked casting call for Metal Gear Rising , they requested for at least four live actors to portray characters for a trailer. Raiden, as well as his younger self identified as Jack in the casting call. With Jack, they requested for the actor to be within the year range, have blond wavy hair and blue eyes, being athletic, have no scars on the arms, possess dramatic acting, and if possible possess a slight Greek or Italian accent.

The Metal Gear Solid Facebook page later confirmed that those scenes in the trailers were meant to show Raiden's training under Solidus. Kojima revealed when unveiling the screenshots of the then-in-development demo for Rising that the arm he sent to various groups belonged to "white raiden", and that Raiden's cyborg form seen on the promotional spots and main menu was "black raiden.

In these games, Yoshimitsu is able to crouch on his sword, and like Raiden, he is a cybernetic ninja due to having a mechanical arm that rapidly rotates for his Dragonfly Stance. On the week of June 12, during Kojima's Metal Gear Rising demonstration in Mexico, Raiden's CGI model for the demo's menu was slightly modified to include a sombrero and cloak as a hint as to what exclusives the Latin American version will have.

Raiden then looks up and says "Adios, amigos" Spanish for "Goodbye, friends" before departing and closing the grate, also leaving his sombrero behind. Raiden's use of the outfit, identified as a Mariachi outfit, was later explained in the MGRR Mastiff boot camp trailer at Santa Monica, where it was stated that Raiden bought the outfit in a mistaken impression that it would help him blend in with the populace while undergoing his mission into Mexico.

The th session of the KP Report Podcast also revealed that Raiden was the only character in the game to be designed by Yoji Shinkawa. In the trailer for the Battle against RAY, Raiden is revealed to have a different HUD based on the one seen in Metal Gear Solid 4 , because he was using a modified version of his original cyborg body, as well as the battle taking place before his duel with Sam.

As such he can't regenerate his health via zan-datsu, but he still can heal by getting health pickups like how the player does in Metal Gear Solid 4. On November , it was unveiled that people who pre-ordered Metal Gear Rising would get an exclusive code that allowed Raiden to use a custom cyborg body modeled after the exoskeleton used by Gray Fox. Later, on December , both the Metal Gear Rising website and metalgearsolidtv.

Specifically, this cyborg body was modified to focus on support for allies in the battlefield, which includes an increased capacity of items relating to cyborg treatment and supplies for repairs; the Inferno armor, colored crimson and possessing a special attack system. Specifically, he was modified to allow for him to utilize mid-range attacks via throwing grenades, allowing him to carry an increased supply of various grenade types; and the Command armor, colored yellow-green and possessing a traditional fighting system.

Specifically, he was modified to take into account the possibility of fighting various pair warfare drones, tanks, and attack choppers by possessing an increased supply of surface-to-air guided missile warheads, as well as rocket grenade launchers of both type instrument and multi-purpose capabilities.

The exclusive armors can be downloaded via purchasing codes from KonamiStyle, Tsutaya, and Geo, respectively. It is currently unknown whether America will get it as well, although the official site implied that it will be released in areas outside Japan at a future date. It also specified that it's not a pre-order bonus. Raiden says that only one out of 50 soldiers can kill without hesitation, before declaring himself a "two-percenter.

Raiden then recollects the abuse and threats at gunpoint during childhood before he, "next thing he knows," got off on slicing foes to shreds. This is later confirmed in the Unique Weapons trailer, which also implies that Raiden received copies of these weapons after they were developed by Doktor after he carefully analyzed their combat data.

The armors were also included in-game as unlockables. Kojima, regarding the release trailer on February 19, initially intended to use voice clips for Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 , although he decided against it, as he didn't want to inflict killjoy on the trailer. On March 4, Kojima compared Raiden's characterization to that of action film series hero John Rambo, citing that both characters fight despite being peaceful in nature. Shinkawa, when explaining his motives for creating Black Raiden, mentioned that he wanted to create a dark hero, different from his design from Metal Gear Solid 4.

He also had his Rising design being one-eyed as a reminder of his humanity, and mentioned that the circumstances behind it were written later and consistent with the general story line. Tamari also explained that the cybernetic functions including Fuel Cell energy was based on research led by the University of Texas, and that they had Raiden lack self-repair units to emphasize his role as a "dark hero. He also mentioned that the scene of Raiden losing his eye was meant to represent his change from White Raiden to Black Raiden, and also admitted that he based it on Solidus, as the latter was his favorite character and shared a special connection to Raiden.

At one point in Chapter R, Raiden asks Courtney how a certain food Napolitanos tasted, before dismissing the question and deciding that he can't "capture" anything down in the sewers, nor does he really need to anyway. This was a reference to the food mechanic in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater , where Naked Snake frequently asked Para-Medic how a certain food tasted upon capturing it.

Several of Raiden's skills in the game have names referencing thunder and lightning. In addition, with the exception of Unique Weapons and Defensive Offensive the latter of which was actually based on the move Raiden used to finish off Solidus Snake , nearly all of his skills were derived from scenes from Metal Gear Solid 4.

He decided to forsake his sword for the mission, instead relying on a firearm. Upon wiping all of them out, Raiden was extracted and given his payment, with Miller considering meeting him again in the future. In the English version, similar to his appearance in the Snake Eraser segment which also dealt with time travel , Raiden is not voiced by Quinton Flynn. Instead, Kiefer Sutherland 's voice clips of Big Boss were re-used for Raiden's interrogation of enemy soldiers, although slightly modified to sound more "mechanical.

The first officer character, Raiden's standard skin, is unlocked by S-ranking Hard Mode of the Jamais Vu mission while connected to the app, and the second character, Raiden in his White Armor, is unlocked by getting 25, points on Jamais Vu's Hard Mode. The scan also revealed that running into enemies will knock them down, stunning them long enough for the player to CQC them by the time they get up.

A Japanese development blog also implied that Raiden will be part of an FOB event in the near future, and that he'll come with a wormhole device. Raiden is a secret character in Evolution Skateboarding. Although Raiden has yet to appear in the Super Smash Bros. Uprising in the first round, largely due to his cybernetics, and in spite of Krystal's many armaments. Raiden proceeded to fight against Pyramid Head from Silent Hill in the third round, defeating it. Raiden then faced off against and defeated Revolver Ocelot in the fourth round.

Raiden then fought and lost to Naked Snake in the semifinals. Eventually, he settles for "cybernetic private military security soldier" as his last chance at a job where he was met with implied success. The same unemployment officer also helped Jehuty from Zone of the Enders get a job starting with Children's Birthday Party Entertainer, just as he suggested to Raiden beforehand , although he spent most of his time terrorizing the neighborhood as the episode ended.

Raiden, or rather Jack as he is identified in throughout the skit, does not have any dialogue in the skit. Said episode later aired as part of the Konami Pre-E3 show. According to the creators, they were specifically tasked with creating the episode by Hideo Kojima himself. Raiden also appeared in the series official site's Versus Battle, both in-game and via promotional products. He also fought against himself, such being the case with Red Raiden vs.

Hideo Raiden and Black Raiden vs. White Raiden and to some extent, "Fire" vs. He was voiced by Tim Paige. While Wolverine's healing factor and adamantium skeleton made him a tough match for the ninja cyborg, Raiden ultimately triumphed due to his superior strength, speed, and his blade being able to weaken molecular bonds similar to Misty Knight's Antarctic Vibranium arm allowing him to cut through Wolverine's supposedly indestructible skeleton.

Following his debut in Metal Gear Solid 2 , Raiden was met with a mixed reception from fans of the series. Much of the negative response was due largely to his apparent naive attitude, androgynous appearance, as well as acting as the protagonist over Snake.

In addition, the localization of the game also resulted in several fans critiquing Raiden for his high-pitched voice, which was described as "whiny. In an interview with The Gaming Liberty , Quinton Flynn admitted that under the suggestion of voice director Kris Zimmerman , he based Raiden's English voice on what a slightly older Jonny Quest would sound like. This suggestion was made due to the fact that he and Zimmerman had previously worked together on The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest , in which he was Jonny's second voice actor.

The European players' hatred of Raiden during that time was later referenced by Kojima in his commentary for Metal Gear Solid 3 , when he guessed that the European players will most likely give Raikov a swift death. Kojima has stated in interviews that Raiden was introduced primarily to attract new fans to the game so that he could ask questions that a veteran like Snake wouldn't ask, so as to avoid treating Snake like a rookie, and to make Snake appear more impressive as a character, an idea strongly defended by some fans.

Kojima has also explicitly stated that Raiden is his favorite character in Metal Gear Solid 2 , a view that was also shared by Flynn. Raiden's concept as effectively being a third-person witness to Snake's exploits was likewise inspired by the character Watson from the detective franchise Sherlock Holmes. The controversial reception of Raiden's creation was part of the reason why both the Raikov mask item and the character of Major Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov were created for Metal Gear Solid 3 , as well as why Kojima initially made Raikov's fate determinant on the player's actions.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Not used in anger. Not used for vengeance. But now Now I'm not so sure. And besides, this isn't my sword. But I was wrong. I knew something was After the Patriots, I thought I could walk off the battlefield and into a normal life I told myself this was about justice, about protecting the weak Really good.

In America, my friends, my family I was born to kill! The bit about my sword, that "means of justice" stuff? I guess I needed something to keep "the Ripper" in check when I was knee-deep in bodies Actually, why don't I give you a demonstration? I think it's time for Jack During MGS2, he was haunted by memories of his experiences as a child soldier.

Received code name "Raiden" while infiltrating the Big Shell, an ocean cleanup facility occupied by terrorists. Raised as a soldier from childhood, and haunted by memories of his past, his real name is Jack. The large amount of cyborg healing and regeneration features allow the white custom body to excel in a force support role. The white armor reminds one of medical support personnel's uniforms. Created as a body intended to serve in a mid-range fire support role, the wide variety and number of equipped grenades make this body particularly deadly.

Its fiery red color betrays its status as a grenade throwing death machine. This body excels against UAVs, tanks, attack helicopters, and other anti-infantry weapon systems due to its extra munitions. Though it was termed an "exoskeleton" in those days before the advent of modern cyborg technology, it could not be taken on and off at will. Functionally obsolete and boasting an obviously unnatural jaw, its battlefield potential is extremely limited.

The performances of this frame are identical to those of the normal Custom Cyborg Body. Also goes by the name Jack the Ripper. Samuel Rodrigues. The rain transformed. Black Raiden. Battle; Black Raiden vs. Solidus Snake. Battle; Raiden v. Gray Fox. A render of Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2. Raiden is asked by Rose if he remembers the day they first met. Raiden Shinkawa artwork for Metal Gear Solid 2.

Early promotional artwork for Metal Gear Solid 4 depicting Raiden. An early conceptual sketch for Metal Gear Solid 4. Instead, The Patriots forced Raiden to kill him. The last of the successful Les Enfants Terribles, Solidus Snake was also born in , so he was 37 when he died at the feet of that George Washington statue. The height of this former president of the United States is unknown.

Another returning face. A good portion of the final act is Ocelot pulling back the curtains, revealing how much of the information that the main characters believed were actually lies, and the side he was on the whole time -- supposedly. It's easier to read in the dark than figure out where this 5'11" cm tall meowing soldier's motivations lie. He was born on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, That means he was 63 when he sank the tanker and 65 during the Big Shell Incident.

The unintended actor, but the supposed goal of the S3 plan Solidus Snake reveals to Raiden in the depths of Arsenal Gear. While that story turns out to be a lie, it does little to diminish Snake's influence on the story. He's may claim he's not a hero, but he towers over the plot like a mythological figure. Raiden wants to be him, Solidus pretends to be him and he gums up the Patriots and Ocelot's plot with his unexpected appearance. His presence is much larger than even his just-over5'11" cm stature might imply.

Like his sibling Solidus Snake, he was born in , so he was 35 when that tanker sank and 37 during the Big Shell Incident. Other than that, we know little about Rosemary. We, along with Raiden, don't even know if she was exactly real. In the final moments of the game, an AI version of Rose reveals the Patriots' true plans to Raiden, which leaves Raiden lost as to which Rose was the real one. Was she ever a part of the infiltration or was it an AI the whole time?

Was she ever in danger? Is she pregnant? Is that actually her in the final moments? MGS2 gives no clear answer to these and many other questions. Colonel Campbell is barely over 6 feet cm tall and was born sometime between and He was probably around his later 60s. In the game's final act, it's revealed that Raiden has been speaking to a computer AI -- the GW program -- the whole time. This facsimile was created specifically for the player and Raiden to trust by default.

We all knew Campbell from the previous games and wanted to trust him, exactly like Raiden wanted to. In reality, this Colonel was a well-crafted program, and probably only a couple of feet tall, hidden away in whatever server housed him and the rest of GW.

At 5'10", Raiden is shorter than his hero Solid Snake. Raiden's childhood was one of horror, roped into a civil war as a child soldier in Forces forever outside of his control had governed and influenced his life so far. In the game's final moments, he takes the first steps to become his own self. Who actually is this guy? Raiden runs into this guy shortly after he infiltrates the Big Shell and the two develop an effective working relationship, sneaking around and disarming Fatman's bombs in each strut.

Sizing him up next to Raiden, he looks to be just over 5'11" cm , around the same height as Solid Snake. Sometime around the middle of the game though, Iroquois Pliskin vanishes. Solid Snake takes over the same role in Raiden's support team and even Pliskin's Codec frequency.

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Game Over: Metal Gear Solid 2 (Plant Chapter Death Animations)

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In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, there are also special Game Over scenarios: In addition, the window on the screen that normally shows Raiden's dead. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. There are two different Game Over screens, one for Snake (very similar to the first game) and one for Raiden (displaying. His appearance in this game is modeled on that in Metal Gear Rising. The Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty comic book adaptation by Alex Garner retells​.