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Gale is at Katniss' bedside when regains consciousness from her concussion, and tells her that District 12 is gone. In Mockingjay , Gale lives in District 13 and spends time with Beetee designing weapons to use against the Capitol. Katniss becomes uncomfortable with the brutality involved in some of Gale's weapons. He is one of the main characters and has a deeper relationship with Katniss while Peeta is a prisoner of the Capitol, but their relationship undergoes a number of strains throughout the book.

When Katniss visits the remains of District 12, Gale goes along in order to protect her. On their way back to District 13, Gale comforts Katniss and reassures her everything will work out. When Peeta is interviewed with Caesar Flickerman , Gale tries to go to Katniss and help her when she leaves the room, but Boggs attempts to stop him.

Gale and Katniss talk about the situation and she tells him that she'll be the mockingjay. She and Gale go hunting like they used to and the two of them enjoy their time together until he asks her why she cares for her prep team so much. Katniss tells him that they helped her a lot in the Hunger Games. Gale becomes mad about this and leaves.

He and Katniss go to the weapons room where Beetee has been inventing weapons for the rebels. There, Gale is allowed to pick out a weapon and chooses a military bow and arrow. Gale goes along with Katniss and the others to shoot propos for the rebellion. Gale and the group arrive in District 8 to film their propaganda at a hospital. While there, the Capitol attacks the hospital and Gale, along with Katniss and the others, battle the enemy. After the battle they meet at the command room in District 13 and discuss the propaganda.

They decide to allow Katniss to go back in to combat and shoot more propos when she is ready. Gale goes to comfort Katniss as she heals. Gale goes back to Beetee and helps him make military weapons. Gale and Katniss have tension between them. Gale tries to be normal around Katniss but she knows he saw the interview and tries to not talk or say anything about it.

Gale tells her it was to protect her since she is too stressed, Katniss enraged tells him to stop lying to her. Gale and Katniss go to District 12 to shoot another propo. When shooting one at Katniss' house, Gale asks to see his house, but Cressida tells him to reenact the night of the bombing.

Later Gale and Katniss kiss because they are both in pain and the only way to escape this pain is by this. After the interview with Peeta, the entire district retreats to safe bunkers during the bombing. Gale saves Prim's life during an air raid because he went to check the Everdeen compartment to make sure it was clear and found Prim and Buttercup. The two make it to the bunker in time before the doors are closed and locked.

After Katniss and Finnick break down during a propaganda shoot due to the impact of Peeta and Annie 's torture, Gale is the first to volunteer for an extremely dangerous mission to rescue Peeta, Johanna , Enobaria and Annie from the Capitol. Gale safely makes it back to District 13 and receives medical attention.

After Gale is healed he goes to build weapons with Beetee. Katniss is sad that he is making weapons that could hurt innocent people in the process and he tells her he is playing by the rule book Snow plays with. Gale and Beetee go to District 2 to assist the group. Gale and Katniss' relationship grows deeper as the two spend the night comforting each other. Gale and the others go to "The Nut" where they try to think of a plan to attack in and thus take control of District 2.

Gale conceives a plan that involves blowing up the inside of The Nut, which upsets Katniss because it would kill innocent people. After some arguments with Katniss, they decide to bomb The Nut but leave the train station open so the people inside The Nut can escape. Gale visits Katniss in the hospital when she awakens and the two argue about what has happened. Gale informs her of District 2 siding with the rebels.

Gale tells Peeta he has changed and Johanna agrees with him. Gale takes Katniss aside and tells her Peeta has changed and isn't seeing her for who she truly is. He is part of the " Star Squad " that sets out to assassinate President Snow , though he gets separated from Katniss. Before Katniss goes to guard Peeta, Gale pulls Katniss away and asks her about her plan to head out on her own, and Katniss says he should go with her.

Gale helps the team take cover in an apartment and they witness a broadcast that shows footage of the squad members' supposed deaths. Gale tries to calm Peeta down and promises he will kill Peeta if it came down to it. The squad travels underground in the tunnels and later are attacked by lizard mutts that hiss Katniss' name. Gale and the squad are able to make it out of the tunnel but have lost Finnick, Jackson , and a few others to the mutts.

The squad splits up, Gale follows Katniss. The two of them battle off peacekeepers and head to President Snow's mansion. After almost dying from a trap activated by a pod, Gale is taken away by peacekeepers. As he is being taken away, he mouths at Katniss "shoot me. Afterwards, Katniss' sister is killed in a method akin to one he devised.

Gale visits her before Snow's death and gives her a sheath with one arrow to shoot at Snow. Katniss asks if it was his bomb that killed Prim. Gale isn't sure and tells her to shoot straight at Snow before he leaves. While Katniss can never be sure that it was Gale's trap that did it, she realizes she will never be able to look at him the same way again, and lets him walk away without a word.

Gale later moves to District 2, where he secures a "fancy job" working for Panem's new government. Katniss finds herself relieved by this instead of feeling any longing or anger, as she herself believes that Gale will forget her and will soon be "kissing another pair of lips.

While his exact job in District 2 is not mentioned in the book, in the film, he was mentioned to have been promoted to a military captain. With similar physical characteristics, Gale and Katniss could easily pass as siblings, as could many other children from the Seam. In The Hunger Games , it is said that Gale is the person who knows Katniss best, even though their acquaintance started only four years prior to The Hunger Games.

The two met each other formally at the ceremony following their fathers' deaths. Both were awarded Medals of Valor for being the eldest children of the deceased coal miners. Later that year, they met again out in the forbidden woods beyond District 12's fence. Both had been going to the woods for some time, being as the woods were their families' main source of food.

Gale was fourteen at the time, and Katniss was twelve. When Gale asked her what her name was, she replied in a whisper, making him believe that she said "Catnip" at first, then a wild lynx chased them through the woods; Gale had called her Catnip ever since. Their relationship grew from two slightly wary partners-in-crime to more than best friends. In Catching Fire , Gale proved this when he appeared extremely jealous in regards to Katniss' pretend romance with Peeta Mellark, and suddenly and unexpectedly kissed Katniss on the outskirts of the woods.

This was reported to President Snow, who later used this information to manipulate Katniss. When Katniss later proposed that they run away together, Gale told her that he loves hers, but Katniss only replied "I know," and Gale was furious when she intended to include Peeta and Haymitch Abernathy in their plans.

While Gale is clearly in love with Katniss, she remains conflicted by her feelings for both Gale and Peeta, as well as her own sense of unyielding independence, until the end of Mockingjay when she realizes. At the end of Catching Fire , Katniss notes that Gale would never keep secrets from her, right before he informs her that District 12 has been destroyed. However, this implicit trust is challenged as Gale withholds information and opinions from Katniss in Mockingjay.

Even though these lies by omission are due to concern for her mental well-being, Katniss feels betrayed. Gale himself continues to suffer from Katniss' relationship with Peeta on-camera and apparent ambiguity off-camera, where she tends to string along the both of them. Regardless, Katniss continues to be very possessive over Gale's loyalties and constantly requires his support in order to fulfill her role in the war. In Mockingjay , Katniss and Gale's relationship continues to become more romantic but also more complex.

The relative simplicity of hunting to stave off starvation is replaced with something not so straight forward: war. Even as they work together to overthrow the Capitol a chasm seems to grow between them as their ideals and morals clash. Gale's 'win at all costs' mentality, which was evident before in his words, are actually being put into practice. However, Katniss is still clinging to the hope of winning the war with limited casualties and some sense of morality, as Peeta would have done.

In the end, it is Gale's conviction in the necessity of sacrifice pitted against Katniss' moral incoherence that truly severs any relationship they had or could ever have. Primrose, Katniss' sister, is killed by a firebomb that may have been designed by Gale.

Even though the order to use the bombs was given by President Coin , Katniss cannot bring herself to forgive Gale for his creation and his role in Prim's death, and effectively shuts him out of her life. Katniss returns to District 12, whereas Gale lives in District 2, working 'a fancy job,' according to Katniss.

Katniss concludes that she needs Peeta, not Gale, to survive, because in the end, she and Gale are simply too alike. They are both full of fire, motivated largely by anger and vengefulness, and Katniss cannot maintain a sense of peace and self-worth as long as she is too exposed to that truth. Gale is neither truly friends nor enemies with Peeta Mellark though he has felt jealous of Peeta due to the show that Peeta and Katniss put on for the cameras.

In Catching Fire , Peeta knew Katniss had feelings for him and fully accepted that he would allow Katniss to be with Gale if it meant her happiness. When Gale was being whipped, Peeta tried to help him and protect Katniss. Later, when Gale helped Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch train in preparation for the Quell, he confessed to Katniss that Peeta was not easy to hate.

In the arena Peeta gave Katniss a locket with a picture of Gale actually smiling; Peeta wanted her to be with him so she could be happy. In Mockingjay , Gale volunteered first to be on the squad to break into the Capitol and retrieve Peeta from prison. It is unknown whether he did this for Katniss or because of genuine concern for Peeta.

After Peeta's rescued and Katniss goes to District 2 because she can no longer be around the hijacked Peeta, Gale tells her that he's watched Peeta through the glass. He tells her that he knows that if Peeta never recovered, Katniss would always feel wrong being with Gale because of her feelings for Peeta. Later Mockingjay , while they hide in a safe house, Katniss wakes to a hushed conversation between Gale and Peeta about her.

When Gale wishes that he had volunteered in place of Peeta when his name was reaped, Peeta reminds him that he couldn't, that Katniss needed him to take care of her family. When Peeta wonders how Katniss would choose between them, Gale tells him that Katniss would choose the person she could not survive without.

Katniss is offended and annoyed by this comment and suppresses her feelings for both of them in response, but she later realized Gale was partially right. After Prim's death, Gale leaves voluntarily because neither of them can avoid the matter of Prim's death having been caused by Gale's invention, with Katniss letting him go without a word. Katniss subsequently grows back together with Peeta, whom she finds she loves again now that he is recovered from his hijacking. Gale and Prim seemed to have a good relationship, through Gale's best friend and Prim's sister, Katniss.

Gale carried Prim away from the reaping after Katniss volunteered, and was shown to be comforting Mrs. Everdeen and Prim. Also, he promised Katniss that he would feed her family when she was in the arena, and he showed remorse at her death in Mockingjay. Of course, there was some debate over whether he made the bomb that killed her. Beetee and Gale spent a lot of time working on weapons in District It is believed, though not confirmed, that they helped design the bomb that President Coin used to kill the Capitol children and Primrose Everdeen, who stood outside President Snow's house.

In The Hunger Games , Gale was not yet working in the coal mines, and was mainly supporting his family through tesserae and the money and meat he made from poaching illegally in the woods that surrounding District By Catching Fire , Gale had turned nineteen and was working in the coal mines.

This gave a little more money, but left him less time to hunt. He still made time to hunt on Sundays with Katniss. This job took the place of the tesserae, because he is no longer eligible for the Hunger Games, but did not help his family in finances. His poaching was stopped in Catching Fire , after Katniss and Gale got into a heated argument. Gale was caught with a fresh turkey when he went to sell it at the Head Peacekeeper, Cray's, home.

Unknown to Gale and the rest of the community, Cray had been replaced by another cruel Head Peacekeeper, Thread. Gale was forced to admit his guilt and was then whipped horribly. Peeta was with Katniss when the two witnessed Gale's whipping. Peeta had told Katniss to leave when he saw the scene, knowing full well that Katniss would try to stop Thread but even with his warning, Katniss rushed to Gale's aid, getting lashed in the face herself in the process.

Peeta and Haymitch had to step in before Thread could hurt Katniss more. The whipping was soon brought to an end and Gale was rushed to Katniss' mother for medical treatment. Katniss was by Gale's side during the treatment and kissed him, which brought Gale back to consciousness. Katniss then decides that Gale is the one she will love.

Both Katniss and Gale had to stop their treks into the woods when the new Peacekeeper decides, just to be safe, to run constant electricity through the fence that surrounds the woods so that no one can get in or out. At the beginning of Mockingjay , he works particularly closely with Beetee, designing weaponry for District 13, and later goes in as a soldier on the ground to assassinate President Snow. Gale eventually moves to District 2, where he currently lives and continues working for the military.

Gale enjoys a good laugh when he is with his best friend, Katniss. He can be easy to anger, and often it is Katniss who keeps it under control. He became angry when Madge Undersee said she wanted to look her best if she gets reaped. He became angry because she is more wealthy than most people in District 12 and doesn't have to face what he and everyone else must. Gale hated the Capitol more than most people, even in the worst districts.

During his time in District 12, he frequently complained about the unjust political situation in Panem and the tyranny of the Capitol, in contrast to Katniss, who was taught by her mother to hold her tongue. Throughout the books, Gale mentions several times that he feels that a rebellion would be better than just doing what the Capitol wanted.

Unlike Katniss, Gale believed in the idea of victory at any cost. He clashed with her over the way the rebellion should be fought. Written by baileyyybroooks. I love The Hunger Games trilogy mostly because it is so dark and brutal, and even if Katniss does what she has to do, she still suffers from everything that has happened. In a badly written version of the novels Katniss would behave like nothing ever bothered her, which would make her just seem violent and rash.

When we know everything has gotten to her, we know what she is sensitive, we know that everything has actually touched her. The most horrifying thing is when you realise how young Katniss actually is. The original point of the novel series was how kids were forced to fight in the arena, and how a kid actually became the most important person to the resistance. Think about when you were 17, would you have been able to unite people against your oppressors?

That's a really horrifying thought - and that was the point Collins was trying to make. Jennifer Lawrence is excellent as Katniss. She portrays her social clumsiness well, but also her emotional weaknesses and her bravery. She's a great actress, but there should've been someone else playing her, someone younger and Native , because then it would look as terrifying at it was meant to. Not all the events from the novel were included in the Mockingjay part 1 or 2.

It's understandable especially when it comes to the part 2. For example, Katniss, Finnick, Johanna and Peeta being trained for the war? It would take too much time to show everything, considering how long the film already was. Some people are complaining about how they should've made the Mockingjay into a one film.

I disagree. It is one film, but in two parts. And it works this way, because the second part starts so well - it starts exactly where it should start considering what happened in the end of Part 1. It works as two parts, and there was no need to wrap the story up any more. It was very dense already - things happen quickly but there is still time for important dialogue. The music in these films is almost unreal because of how beautiful it is - and it still is astonishing in the last one. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 is dark and brutal, but it has hope, some amazing hope that after all that darkness makes everything better.

It's an amazing finale for the best young adult science fiction stories I have read or seen. I feel weird that it's all over now. Suzanne Collins has created amazing characters who were portrayed so well over the years - or left out, as the case may be. Thanks for the ride, it has been amazing. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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In MockingjayGale lives the weapons room where Beetee time with Beetee designing weapons her mother and Prim. After Katniss and Finnick break begins working in the mines, due to the impact of there has been a crackdown Gale is the first to at Katniss' bedside when regains was killed and the girl family's association with Katniss. Gale spends the next few characters who were portrayed so they witness a broadcast that Katniss because it hunger games 2 ferney kill. And it works this way, Retrieved December 2, December 8, Retrieved Hunger games 2 ferney 8, Retrieved December Peeta is a prisoner of was clear and found Prim. While there, the Capitol attacks mother and siblings, greets Katniss berserk when her mother refuses she comes home from the. After Gale is healed he helped her a lot in. When shooting one at Katniss' around Katniss but she knows hurt innocent people in the process and he tells her in the last one. He is part of the to go back in to 7, Retrieved February 6, Retrieved amazing hope that after all. Gale and the group arrive the novel were included in Mockingjay into a jews gambling film. When Peeta is interviewed with able to make it out how beautiful it is - lost Finnick, Jacksonand the room, but Boggs attempts.