dirt 2 games for windows live crack
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Dirt 2 games for windows live crack

GFWL strikes again Dirt 2. Thread starter Rifter Start date Jan 5, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software PC Games. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Rifter Lifer. Oct 9, 11, So i bought dirst 2 on the steam sale not knowing it involved GFWL, ill admit thats my first mistake and would have never bought it had i known. So i installed it and try and launch the game and it tells me my GFWL is not newest version, fair enough i havent used it since i played GTA 4 a year ago.

So i update it and it updates fine, newest version installed now. Launch game and tells me same thing GFWL not up to date must DL newest version, i click ok to update and it tells me newest version is installed and closes game. Now im stuck in that loop, launch games tells me to update, click update tells me i am updated and closes game. Steam is being of no help tells me to contact support for GFWL.

Also i just bought a SSD and switched from Vista to windows 7. I had same issue with both OS's. Even after the fresh win 7 install and installing newest version of GFWL not even update but fresh install from scratch gets me into the same loop. Feb 23, 0 0.

I also think it happened once with DoW2. The first case was an actual bug that they fixed. If that doesn't fix it, remove GFWL again, reboot, then install the redistributable, then reboot again. That was a while ago, however, so Microsoft might have made them one in the same. I haven't had any more install loops since then.

Beyond that, I'm not sure. Google tells me that the internet is full of install loop complaints on GFWL, so there might be some more information in another forum post somewhere. Dec 30, 12, 2 It was incredibly obnoxious. CPA Elite Member. Nov 19, 30, 4 0. I had that happen last week with Red Faction II.

I rebooted and all was fine. Jan 2, 9, 53 Is gwfl there because they want it or because they dont want extra burden on the xbox team to figure out how yo uncode xboxlive for the pc port I seriously hate gwfl. Corporate Thug Lifer. Apr 17, 37, 0 BladeVenom Lifer. Jun 2, 13, 16 0. GFWL is as useless as [insert joke here].

Skurge Diamond Member. Aug 17, 5, 0 Just uninstal and download the redistributable from the MS site and you should be fine as Kamikaze said. Jul 15, 77, 10, The main problem with Steam is they dont always tell you what extra DRM or software needs to be running when you buy a game from them. I complained, they refused to refund. A couple days later they added a line to the Wings Of Prey requirement about having Yuplay active at all times. Wasnt there to begin with or at least wasnt a requirement.

That was my introduction to the nightmare. Nov 4, 1, 1 0. Chargeback the game purchase on your CC, have Steam globally ban your account then sue them. Mike Gayner Diamond Member. Jan 5, 6, 3 0. Download latest redist from MS.

Shit, do I need to hold your hand while you do it? Maybe you should just buy a console or something. Dankk Diamond Member. Jul 7, 5, 21 I must be the only one who doesn't hate GFWL. When I get a new game that has GFWL implemented, sometimes it requires an update, but it only takes a few seconds and I'm ready to play. That's all. Install Steam and launch it. Some of the bigger, more popular games have third-party tools that can effectively crack Games for Windows LIVE out of the game.

You may need a file extraction program like 7-Zip to extract these downloads. After you install the latest version, GFWL-enabled games should launch and function. They may not work perfectly, of course. You can avoid online-connectivity and syncing problems that can interfere with your gameplay by creating a local profile in other words, an offline profile rather than an online profile in GFWL.

This is best done when setting up GFWL for the first time. However, you can make online connectivity work by messing with your firewall settings. Microsoft recommends three things:. Consult the official guide if you need more help. It provides an exhaustive list of GFWL-enabled games and the state of their support. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.


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First delete the GFWL folder (in the "redist" folder wherever your Dirt 2 install is. Goto gor.wangwang999.com Download the "xlive. Play without Games for Windows - LIVE • Link[edit]. Play without GFWL. Download the. and before you ask yes i have tried a crack, considering the circumstances i think getting a crack would of allowed me to play a game i own but.