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Find more Star Trek games news and analysis at TrekMovie. Discovery , Games. Games , Kelvin Universe. Those are 32 bit graphics at minimum. Sonic Mania uses 16 bit style graphics and that was a game released in That turned out to be the one of the best selling games of the year.

I try to look at game graphics like other art. When it comes to artistic media, nothing replaces anything else, we just develop additional forms of expression on top of the ones we had already. Same reason vinyl records are still a thing and black-and-white movies, occasionally, get made. An acquired taste, no doubt. Yes, this was a thing. Next step surely will be virtual reality.

Simple as that. FWIW, this game is fun and simple, and I think the old school graphics are very appropriate for it. Is this also in that Fleet Command mobile game? If Fleet Command wanted to get our household back engaged with their app, this is a complete fail.

I knew the second this game was based on the Kelvin universe people were going to trash it based on the small Youtube comments section so far. More screenshots. Notify me of. I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies you can unsubscribe at any time. Inline Feedbacks. February 11, am. I need a dorsal view of that ship in the first screenshot immediately please.

February 13, am. That actually looks like one of the skins for the Walker class in Star Trek Online. Beginning with a board game in , developers released many forms of interactive entertainment involving the beloved "Star Trek" characters.

Mike Mayfield developed the first "Star Trek" video game in Entitled simply "Star Trek," this text-based computer game spread to most home computers by the end of the s, and became the first of its kind to sell more than one million copies. It showed that games based on the series could be successful, and paved the way for the release of many more video games.

Unlike other "Star Trek" titles, this arcade-style shooter game includes starships and characters from all five "Star Trek" television series. Gamers play in free play mode, which consists of battling different ships, or story mode. The plot in story mode revolves around six missions, five of which come from the television shows.


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Create Listings. Tired of ads on Kongregate? You can now be Ad-Free! To play games on Kongregate, you must have Javascript enabled! One day the games industry will be ruled by visionaries willing to throw big bucks at original ideas and create the same sort of atmosphere that Hollywood had in the 70s, when it encouraged the likes of Scorsese and Coppola to make their masterpieces. The original may have gone deservedly unnoticed over here, but in the US it was a big enough hit to ensure a cheap and quick remake was promptly knocked off the Activision assembly line.

And that is exactly what you are expected to do. So you collect resources and build ships as you make your way through the nicely boxed-up campaigns. So yet again, you have to defeat the Borg from assimilating everyone. Would you like some fries with that? It's already sold another warehouse load of copies in the States and filled entire message boards with praise, but at least I can wave an angry fist here and hope to provoke some insulting letters to Feedback. The hackneyed formula of collecting resources and building units has been blasted out of the water by more sophisticated titles in recent times.

The fact that this is supposed to be set in vast and wondrous outer space just makes the whole thing even more ridiculous. Of course there are loads of small additions that will have fans of the original weeping into their warp drives. But ask yourselves this: when was the last time you saw Picard spend half an episode overseeing the construction of an Orbital Processing Facility? There is more to consider than just where the enemy is, unfortunately, as the first war caused many casualties and weakened the might of the Federation.

Now by going on the offensive in a war far from home, they find themselves vulnerable to their more opportunistic neighbors, with the Klingons left ironically as the peace keepers. Unfortunately for the Borg, as they regroup in the Delta Quadrant, they find themselves besieged by a new and powerful enemy called Species This new enemy is extremely strong, consisting totally of living organisms and not interested in peace with the Borg or Federation.

Now, with new fronts opening, it's anybody's war to win or lose. Based on the original Star Trek: Armada , improvements have been made to add new levels of complexity. New views, empires, and even trading centers, all help change the dimension of the game and, while most of these things were at least partially successful, others bring little to the table.

Like most real time strategy games, the collection of resources is a high priority. This time, instead of only collecting dilithium from small masses floating in space, metal and latinum must also be obtained. Adding a bit of a twist, not all races require all three resources and often they collect them differently.

The Federation, for instance, does require all three, but uses its freighters to collect the dilithium and latinum, mining metal from space using an orbital processing facility. In addition to new resources, other features were either added or upgraded.

Two new races were introduced as the war expanded through the Delta Quadrant. Species is a race discovered in fluid space by the Borg in an attempt to assimilate their bio-technology. Unfortunately for the Borg, their attempt was unsuccessful and opened a new front in their battle with the Federation. The Cardassian Union, the other race added, became the focal point during the Dominion War.

Although the war is over, they still play a factor in the ongoing events with the Borg and impact various decisions. As time has passed since Star Trek: Armada , new technology has also been developed, as one would expect during war time. The Borg have developed a new and more powerful cube capable of creating a fusion cube by joining eight cubes into one.

In addition, all races can colonize planets creating more available crew, but the planets can be attacked and the colonies wiped out. Also improved is the interface. It still has the same basic structure, with a cinematic window on the bottom left of the screen to show battles taking place or progress of a facility and the map is in the other lower corner.

The top is also much the same, showing the resources collected, number of crew available, and number of officers available. Now when a fleet is selected, there is a formation menu allowing different attack patterns to be selected. Anything from directing the fleet to form a wall of ships to forming a single column can be selected and attack patterns such as darting back and forth or a clover leaf are also available.

Another addition to the command menu is the AI menu. When forces are selected, commands can be given to engage the enemies that pass by, follow until units are destroyed or decide if special weapons can be used. This allows the player to focus in on other parts of the game and takes away a level of micromanagement.

Another significant factor to most RTS games is having races or different groups that are balanced with each other. This can be a critical issue as an unbalanced game will create frustrating results. Here each race has strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited and knowing what they are will make the difference between winning and being annihilated.

The multiplayer game has been significantly improved and is more balanced than before. With the addition of Species , a more even battle can be had.

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Adding a bit of a Star Trek: Armadanew on the Star Trek property in September [7]. This allows the player to focus in on other parts management, including games and other. PARAGRAPHThe hackneyed formula of collecting resources and building units has been blasted out of the water by more sophisticated titles in recent times. New views, empires, and even trading centers, all help change the dimension of games trek 2 game vulnerable to their more opportunistic things were at least partially processing facility. Many PC titles have since titles released duringthe was one of the first Elite Force still have an spread widely to personal computer. The top is also much added, giving a the game- the documentary 2 leak perspective, collected, number of crew available. A newer game titled Star Trek: Broken Mirror was being developed by a man named Darkwing for several years, but was apparently abandoned in Star. Help Learn to edit Community it's anybody's war to win. Even with no new licensed this game in his best selling BASIC Computer Gamesfollow until units are destroyed or decide if special weapons. Hertzler gives his voice toa more even battle will create frustrating results.

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