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Deceit sends you on a rush to the exit as an infected fiend, hiding in the shadows and in plain sight, stalks your every move. Every move has to be calculated as you aim to spread your virus and tear into the remaining survivors. They can spend much of the map helping you along to get you to let your guard done.

Having to do so while also keeping an eye out for rival hunters amps up the challenge, leaving you paranoid about everyone that enters your field of view. Throw fists or fire off explosive bullets to become the most feared hunter in Louisiana. The cretins stalking the swamps of Louisiana are deadly and ruthless, possibly as much as your opposing hunters. From our Hunt: Showdown review :. In return, it delivers an experience and a world you will have a hard time finding anywhere else.

While Cry of Fear works great as a moody and gloomy single player game, its multiplayer component allows you to team up with a friend to survive the deadly horrors stalking the streets of Scandinavia. Team up to take on the terrors that have emerged from your nightmares using an arsenal of 24 different weapons. Originally a Half-Life 1 mod, Cry of Fear has blossomed into its own demented experience, complete with chainsaw-wielding foe and a never-ending stream of supernatural baddies.

Divisive as it may be, when it comes to multiplayer, Resident Evil 5 shines. The first in the series to offer co-op gameplay, players team up to battle through another new virus, the Uroboros Mkono. Like the outbreak in Resident Evil 4, the infected retain some semblance of intelligence and are capable of using tools and firearms to level the playing field.

Regardless, none of that affects the multiplayer, which can be played both side-by-side and online. The integration of multiplayer is smooth as players choose to play as either Chris Redfield or series newcomer Sheva Alomar through a story mode that covers the typical Resident Evil absurdities.

The only downfall is that, if a player drops out and returns an hour later, they may find that most of their resources are gone. The original F. Alma returns again in F. Together, two operatives can plow through the paranormal horrors of F. For its time, it was a solid multiplayer experience. Tack on the horror elements carried over from the main game, and you have a game that satiates players looking for horror and ample jump scares. Instead, team up with five other players to cut through wave after wave of monstrosities, all of which want to rip you limb from limb.

Different weapons deliver a multitude of satisfying resolutions to the clawed sacks of flesh rushing toward you. To change things up a bit, Killing Floor 2 also features a Versus Survival Game Mode, where 12 players are split into teams of six. One retains the role of human while the other team takes over as different Zeds. The pack of eight remastered maps brings back memories of older iterations of the Zombies mode, pulled right out of World at War, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2.

Each map sports a shiny new HD appearance that begs to be splattered in blood. While Zombies may not be considered scary by many, the undead designs are gruesome and visceral — everything one needs from a horror shooter. The Resident Evil series has always had a complex relationship with multiplayer games. Underneath its frustrations, however, was a solid Resident Evil game that retained the personality of the core series that preceded it.

It also let players turn into zombies after becoming infected, so it at least had that going for it. Developer: Techland Publisher: Warner Bros. It was difficult for Dying Light to release in a post-Dead Island world and not be compared to the slower-paced zombie romp. While some may have preferred the latter, there is one thing Dying Light had over it — a robust multiplayer.

Sure, Dead Island had a simple co-op mode, but Dying Light upped the ante with a solid competitive mode. No, that would be too easy. The player controlling the zombie steps into the grotesque form of the Night Hunter. Human players must track down nests before the hunter can demolish the team with an array of attacks and abilities.

Playing as either has its perks, but if you want a fright, stick to the human role and wait for someone to infiltrate your game as the speedy hunter. How do you turn the successful Friday the 13th film franchise into a viable video game? Instead, turn to independent studio Gun Media. Broken matchmaking and frequent glitches made the game virtually unplayable.

After a few patches, though, Friday the 13th: The Video Game solidified itself as an entertaining multiplayer survival horror game. What it really has going for it is the ability to play as Jason Voorhees, the Camp Crystal Lake killer.

Choose from a number of versions of Jason, which changes his weapon of choice and attributes, and stalk hapless camp counselors. Different weapons, items, and skills can help outsmart Voorhees, distracting him long enough so you can call the police, fix up a broken-down car, or let the timer run out. The game pulls environments from the film series, which is one of many facets that appeal to the true Friday the 13th fans.

Trapped in a purgatory-like state and hunted by a merciless killer, survivors in Dead by Daylight can do little else but run away in this multiplayer horror. You might find yourself low on ammo so be prepared to start running if things get too intense in the zombie games. Defend entire towns from the undead, go in search of ancient evil in scary mazes, or try to solve a thrilling case with Sherlock Holmes himself!

There's no telling who, or what, you might run into along the way. It could be Shaggy and his Mystery Incorporated pals from the Scooby-Doo series, a blood-thirsty clown with razor sharp teeth, or the truly fearsome Slenderman.

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