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Until she enters prison, Mrs. Scaretta, who has been in jail since he and his wife were found guilty of conspiracy and bank fraud in November , was led from the courtroom by guards. The judge ruled that he could be given credit for the time he had already spent in jail, which means he could be eligible for parole in a little over 7 and a half years.

None of the Scaretta children were in the courtroom during sentencing today. During the trial, the prosecution charged that the Scarettas used their company as a "private piggy bank" to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from Citibank, Marine Midland and four other area banks and that they alone were responsible for the thefts.

The couple's scheme fell apart in February when bank auditors discovered the Scarettas were falsifying deposit slips and moving large amounts of cash from one bank's account to another to cover up shortages. Scaretta has made no attempt to help find that money and he has continued to blame others," Mr.

Tomao said. The judge, in sentencing Mr. Scaretta, said, "It's a tragedy that this case will have an impact on your children who have done nothing wrong. Scaretta's lawyer, Joseph Famaghetti, said that both the Scarettas intended to appeal their convictions. In deferring the start of Mrs.

Scaretta's sentence, the judge noted that she had a sister in Colorado and a brother on Long Island who could help care for the children. Scaretta had argued that she was estranged from both her brother and sister, but Judge Spatt said that despite their differences, "certainly they could have no ill feelings" against the four children.

The judge did not fine either defendant, but said he would consider ordering Mr. Scaretta to begin paying restitution when he is released from prison.

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