rivers casino poker room
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Rivers casino poker room

A player in late position limped in and Ryan Eriquezzo moved all in for his last 3, from the cutoff. Learn all the latest happenings on our official Poker Room blog. The final two players agreed to stop the clock and discuss and adjusted payout deal. Terms of Service and Masks are required, and no eating or drinking will be permitted.

Looking for something that was on AVP? Cell phone limitations at table: No communications during active hand. Poker is played against other players; the casino provides the forum for you to have an exciting time whether you are an experienced player or just beginning.

Minimum Age: Games will be 7-handed with Plexiglas dividers on tables. The stacks were counted down and Masks must be worn at all times, each poker table in play will have plexiglass dividers, and a maximum of seven players is allowed per table. John Giang moved all in from the big blind for Poker - Best Chance! At Rivers you will feel welcome and comfortable in our safe and smoke free Poker room.

Directions Phone: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use and to our. Your email address will not be published. For those of us hardcore non-smokers this is a godsend. Most poker rooms within casinos are non-smoking, and most casinos have some non-smoking gaming areas. But the entire casino? Unheard of.

The Rivers accommodates smokers with a nice tented riverside patio, complete with couches, tables, and ashtrays. I am not sure how this is handled in the winter, but nevertheless the interior air quality is a welcome break from other casinos. Although we did not stay at the attached Landing Hotel, it had a very modern look. Many rooms clearly have a nice view of the Mohawk River. The Rivers also holds an event center that hosts music concerts, comedy shows, and other events.

The Rivers Casino poker room is separated from the main gaming area by a wall and glass doors. The interior is attractive, has a new and fresh feel, and sports nice high ceilings. When we initially started to play, the room was very warm and muggy. It seemed like the air conditioning had yet to kick in. A number of players complained and within an hour things started to cool down. The tables themselves were big and well maintained with new felts, although a couple could have used a brushing off.

Chairs were well-padded and comfortable. The lighting, however, was poor. Despite the overall bright feel of the sunny casino, the poker room felt dark and the flop was hard to see from the end seats. The dealers at the Rivers Casino poker room were generally very good.

There was one dealer who struggled with reading the board, but he was an exception to the overall high quality of dealing. Dealers also used automated shufflers during the tournament, so things moved quickly. The floors were on top of things. We were initially put at the same table, and the floor made an immediate adjustment at our request. In general, the poker room has a solid group of dealers and floors. One downside of the poker room was that there seemed to be only a single waitress rotating through the room.

Players were fairly solid and aggressive. There were a few wild players calling everything, but these players were the exception. They were fairly polite and somewhat social, but clearly serious about their play. Cash is clearly the priority at The Rivers, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays when there are no standing weekly tournaments. On the Sunday that we were there about 10 cash tables were consistently active with mostly NLH games and a couple of NLH games.

There was a limit game on the board as well. Sundays through Thursdays The Rivers offers 1 to 2 daily tournaments.


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