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For example, if a provincial government has delegated the responsibility to conduct and manage the lottery scheme to a provincial lottery corporation who then delegated their reporting under the PCMLTFA to another entity, the provincial lottery corporation remains the reporting entity responsible for ensuring compliance with the PCMLTFA and Regulations. In other words, the legal entity responsible for the casino, as per the PCMLTFA, may choose to delegate the reporting to another entity but they remain responsible for meeting these obligations.

Casinos as described above are responsible for providing FINTRAC with certain transaction reports, for implementing a compliance program and for keeping records that may be required for law enforcement investigations. During a FINTRAC examination, it is important to demonstrate that the required documentation is in place and that employees, agents, and all others authorized to act on your behalf are well trained and can effectively implement all the elements of your compliance program.

A senior officer must approve the compliance program and the compliance officer must have the necessary authority to carry out the requirements of the program. You must:. See the Compliance program requirements guidance and the Risk assessment guidance for more information on these obligations. Part of knowing your client includes following the methods to identify clients, as well as conducting certain additional activities as listed below.

The following STR guidance pieces explain how to identify and report suspicious transactions and should be read together. If you have designed a proper backup solution, the data can be easily recovered by restoring the database back to the specific point in time before executing the DELETE statement. From the Restore Database window, the SQL Server will return the complete backup chain that is taken from that database.

If you know the exact file that is taken directly before the data deletion, you can stop at that specific file, as shown below:. But if you are aware of the exact time of executing the DELETE statement, you can restore the database back to that specific point in time before the DELETE statement execution, without the need to know which Transaction Log file contains that point in time.

This can be achieved by clicking on the Timeline option, and specify the time, as shown below:. The SQL Server Transaction Log, for the database that is configured with the Simple recovery model, can be truncated automatically if:. Change the database recovery model to Simple For example, if we change the recovery model of the below database to Simple and perform a Checkpoint directly, the Transaction log will be truncated automatically and will be available for reuse as shown below:.

Available only prior SQL Server When the database Transaction Log file is truncated, the truncated space will be freed up and become available for reuse. But the Transaction Log file size will not be decreased, as the truncated space will not be deallocated. On the other hand, the process of recovering the Transaction Log space by deallocating the free VLFs and returning it back to the operating system is called a Transaction Log Shrink.

The Transaction Log file shrink operation can be performed only if there is free space on the Transaction Log file, that can be available most of the time after truncating the inactive part of the Transaction Log. A shrink operation will be useful after performing an operation that creates a large number of Transaction Logs. In this page, you have three options:. Moves all data from the specified file to other files in the same filegroup, in order to delete the empty file later.

Shrinking the Transaction Log file to a size smaller than the size of the Virtual Log File is not possible, even if this space is not used. In this case, the SQL Server Database Engine will free as much space as possible, and then issues an informational message, as shown below:. In the next article of this series, we will discuss the best practices that should be applied to the transaction log in order to get the optimal performance from it. Stay tuned!

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