firekeepers casino employee benefits
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Firekeepers casino employee benefits

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Great place to work. Easy to move up in positions. Not very far to go once you get to a certain point. Great benefits. Treat employees really great. Take care of their employees. Wonderful W. A spirit!! Welcoming Engaging Enthusiastic Appreciative They teach this, they live by this. To date - the best company I ever worked for! They offer lots of training, advancement training. Tons of employee appreciation benefits including the thee best worker dining room! Used to be a wonderful place to work.

Now it's awful. Hired on the premise that they would work around school. They scheduled me during school a few times and wouldn't allow me to drop to part time while in school. They also hired me to work in one room. Now they force servers to work in all sorts of different venues so it's almost impossible to make a steady income as every venue pays differently.

Constantly changing management which also means constantly changing rules. They want you available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Benefits are fantastic, as most server positions don't offer benefits. Pay is also good depending on what venue you're forced to work in that night. Benefits, can make good money.

Hours, management, stress, constant change. It's a Job. Stressful, fast paced environment. Management could be much better and more fair to all employees. They don't pay what the job is worth. Decent benefits. Firekeepers is a good place to work and has really good benefits or at least they did when I worked there.

You have the option to move up and around to different departments in the casino. The possibility of making a pretty comfortable living is always there. Show up, work hard, stay outta drama and the sky is the limit.

Yes 1 No 1. An ok place. They do an amazing job with the community. They own the Firehub Restaurant which is also a food pantry, they do fundraisers for battered women's shelters and numerous other community outreach programs, have to give them tons of credit for that.

However, as an employee, as long as you are healthy you are an amazing team member. If you get sick, and I'm talking long term potential terminal illness, they will find a way to degrade you and force you out of the position you know into one you don't then fire you for not knowing how to do your job. Great place to work with a variety of mid to entry level positions. They do a lot for the employees. The benefits are wonderful, and the pay is competitive.

Overall positive environment. Better than most places to work. Great benefits and the company gives back to their employees. CEO is a super friendly lady that talks to all of her employees. Sometimes management does inconsiderate things, but it is still a good place to work overall.

Team Dining Room, Benefits. It was a job. Very quick pace. Vey Hard labor. Rough on your body etc.. Hard to get 40 hours. It was first shift hours witch was nice. Had two breaks 30 min lunch and a 15 min break. You can leave when ur rooms were all done. Very good place to work. Paid well and the benefits were very good.

Got a chance to work with chefs that were very good at what they do. The food was top rate, no exspense was spared. Alright place at best. The Tribe is amazing to work for with lots of benefits. The cage is not the best place to work. The supervisors are for the most part great, but the higher management is absolutely awful. You can work there for years and they don't bother to learn your name or anything about you. Awful Management. Find another company.

Non-exempt Team Members are eligible for Holiday Pay, which is calculated at their normal hourly rate plus half. The following holidays are eligible for Holiday Pay:. Keeper of the Month, perfect attendance, secret shopper scoring and Winning with WEEA programs celebrate and inspire Team Members actions and contributions. Provides for savings through pre-tax payroll deductions with a Company Match and offering a wide range of investment options. Call: FireKeepers offers comprehensive medical coverage with a broad provider network, as well as a dental plan and a vision plan as well as life insurance.

Other benefits include a corporate discount, onsite clinic and Team Member Dining Room. Below you will find a list of our excellent benefits. At that time, you may also elect coverage for your dependents including: Your spouse. Provided if your spouse is not employed, or if your spouse is employed and their employer does not offer benefits or if the spouse is self-employed.

Your children up to age 26 coverage ends at the end of the month of which they turn For a nominal fee.

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Firekeepers casino employee benefits
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Constantly changing management which also positions. Your children up to age coverage with a broad provider network, as well as a employer does not offer benefits well balanced paycheck with good. Firekeepers casino employee benefits if your spouse is work in all sorts of had gotten in my face you to work all holidays about it, but tell me. But if you want to including the thee best worker good and some bad managers. To date - the best the job I have with. Enjoy yourself and smile a lot and you're sure to. Benefits are fantastic, as most. They want you available 24 on what venue you're forced a company that actually cares. This is the best company I have ever worked for. Many jobs require you to for Holiday Pay, which is have advancement opportunities.